Friday, March 12, 2004

Kanye West cracks me up...

So I'm over at notes from a different kitchen (
and he's writing about how Kanye West was on Hot 97 talkin' about how he wanted to start a petition telling the Source to grant him 5 mics instead of the 4 1/2 it gave him. He, no doubt, thinks "College Dropout" is in the same class as "De La Soul is Dead" and "Amerikkkas Most Wanted." Hmmm...
I agree with the author of differentkitchen when he/she says: Who cares?
It's not like the Source reviews are valid anymore. That rag sucks and has sucked for years. I once had a subscription but that only lasted for a year because after about 2 issues I realized that the magazine was pretty wack. Damn. And to think my money went to Benzino. ACK! Never again!
But back to Kanye...
Now, I must admit, I don't really see what the big deal about Kanye West is. I mean, if you've never heard a sped-up-soul-record-sample then I can see where it might blow yer lid, but damn...remember the RZA's production???
"Through the Wire" never really caught my ear except for the Chaka Kahn sample (but what the hell is she saying besides "through the wire"). And yes, I know that dude recorded his vocals with his mouth wired shut, but that doesn't mean I gotta go, "well those lyrics are pretty lame but I'll give him credit cuz he was rappin through the wire." PSHHHHT!
Same thing with 50 cent...just cuz the dude got shot 9 times doesn't mean that he can't open his mouth when he raps. Enunciate Motherfuckah!!!
If I'm listening to your words i want you to communicate a thought to me clearly...I don't give props to emcees who mumble.
I do think Kanye has a good ear as far as his compositions go, but after reading an interview on I kinda wish he would just shut up and let his music speak for him. Check this:
"Anybody who gives my album less than a perfect score is lowering the integrity of their own magazine. So either be a part of history or become it."
Dude is either mad full of himself, or he knows exactly what he's doing and playing the press like an MPC. Either way, I won't be checking for him as his beats don't really do much for me. They sound nice, but I like different stuff. Plus, I think he's really about as good as Diamond D on the mic.
On and on like popcorn...but you won't catch me quotin' Kanye.
Personally, I just woke up and realized the genius of KMD's "Mr. Hood" so I'm in a more boom-bap mood I guess. I do wish Kanye success though (well, more success at least) as I would much rather hear him on my radio and my roommates television than Lil' John.

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