Friday, March 19, 2004

Some thoughts on Spain

Okay, so the talking point that has been adopted by a large portion of media regarding the recent Terrorist attacks and the elections in Spain seem to be this:
"The result of the terrorist bombing in Madrid was the election of a Socialist candidate. Terrorists can now influence elections. Obviously, the citizens of Spain feared more attacks due to Spain's participation in the "liberation" of Iraq, so they elected a candidate who promised to withdrawl Spanish troops from Iraq. In short, the citizens of Spain have been influenced by fear and this gives the terrorists validation."
Certainly an over-simplification but hell, this is a blog, not a thesis. My response to the above is thus:
The real reason the citizens elected the Socialists Working Party is because Spanish citizens have the balls to do what we Americans cannot seem to do: they realized that their government was lying to them and as a result got rid of the lying bastards. They saw through the shallow attempt of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar trying to pin the attack on the Basque separatist group ETA. The citizens resented the obvious political manipulation of a tragedy for political purpose.
(For a good quick read on this go to or I would suggest this link for my boy Paul Krugman, who's always got something intelligent to say.)

In fact, Krugman boiled down the real deal about the elections in Spain waaaay better than I could. He suggests that the Spanish were not intimidated by the terrorists, they just "turned on a ruling party they didn't trust." Most of the citizens didn't want to be involved in the Iraq invasion (remember all those protests? Probably not if your the average American) and yet the government sent troops anyway. Later in his essay, Krugman correctly summarizes the situation (and I apologize for the appropriation Mr. Krugman):

"When the government rushed to blame the wrong people for the attack, tried to suppress growing evidence to the contrary and used its control over state television and radio both to push its false accusation and to play down antigovernment protests, it reminded people of the broader lies about the war.

By voting for a new government, in other words, the Spaniards were enforcing the accountability that is the essence of democracy. But in the world according to Mr. Bush's supporters, anyone who demands accountability is on the side of the evildoers. According to Dennis Hastert, the speaker of the House, the Spanish people "had a huge terrorist attack within their country and they chose to change their government and to, in a sense, appease terrorists."

So there you have it. A country's ruling party leads the nation into a war fought on false pretenses, fails to protect the nation from terrorists and engages in a cover-up when a terrorist attack does occur. But its electoral defeat isn't democracy at work; it's a victory for the terrorists."
Or at least, in refrence to the last paragraph, that's what the scum want you to believe.
Part of me wants to go "Yeah Bush, better learn a lesson here, cuz your ass is outta here in November" but the cynical part of me is going "Expect the 'capture' of Usama Bin Laden before November and the 'official' election of Bush Jr."
Lord, I hope the adage "like father like son" applies to the reelection bids of the Bushs.

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