Saturday, March 13, 2004

Yes, I am a nerd...

and i read waay too much, which is probably why I'm such an opinionated fellow. Reading, to me, is the most consistent thing I have enjoyed in my life (besides sleep). If reading was crack I'd be Tyrone Biggums from the Dave Chappelle show. That said, I gotta give props to some of my favorite dealers.
I'm a news-hound too and here's some journalists that I love reading:
Helen Thomas-best White House reporter ever. The methusela of the press-corps(e).
Jimmy Breslin-you've seen him in "Son of Sam" but have you read his words? He's with Newsday. Peep it.
(On a side note, these two make me think that perhaps their generation was the greatest as Tom Brokaw seems to think.)
Matt Taibbi-I wish I could write like him. Kind of similar to Hunter S. Thomson as far as writing style and just as intelligent (and I like hunter S. Thomspon, so that's not a diss by any means).
and though not an author- I jest looove reading the Pressreleases w/Scott Mcsomething as Bush's latest stooge (Ari 2.0). A smorgasboard of fuel for my cynical mind.
Too bad I didn't provide any links though. Once I figure it out, perhaps I shall.
Until then, google these folks, read and enjoy.
I'm out.
"Bazooka Tooth BABY!"-favorite moment from Aesop Rock's last album. Yell it from your roof as loud as possible. Your neighbors will thank you later.

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