Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Cam'RON-The Genius

HA! Now, don't mistake this as hate ya'll cuz I actually have a little bit of respect for Cam'Ron now that I've seen him and Dame Dash on Bill O' Riley's show holding their own. It was great, Cam was callin O'Riley a hater an' shit.
Good fun. Anyhoo, I noticed this on a few other blogs and thought it was interesting:

So he's doing a new version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" because the world DOES need a new perspective on this time-less issue and we can all count ourselves blessed to have the genius of Cam'Ron doing his best to update Cyndi Lauper's insights:
Scene: Cam at home listening to "GJWHFun":
Cyndi:"they just wanna-they just wanna-have-fun..."
Cam'Ron (scribbling thoughts onto notepad): Yeah, I'm feelin that. Girls just wanna have fun. That's hot. Put that on the record!"

Anyway, later on in this article they talk about Cam'Ron's propensity towards the color pink:

"As popular as Cam has become from his raps, he's almost as well-known for being a hip-hop fashion plate. He's looking to set his next milestone, and get paid for it at the same time: Believe it or not, Killa is trying to patent his own color(yes this last sentence was in the report...).

"I'm working with some scientists," he said. "I don't know how I'm gonna go about doing it. It's unfortunate that I didn't take advantage of the whole pink situation, being that I'm the one that really put pink in the market. Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, they see me and be like, 'Dude, you're responsible for putting this in the market.' I'm a trendsetter. It's not just black people. You go up in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, it's pink heaven. I'm responsible."

Although Cam has been synonymous with pink for the past couple of years, his affinity is slowly wearing off. He just sold his pink Range Rover on eBay for $160,000 (see "Cam'ron Unloading Pink SUV Before Offering Up Purple Haze"), but he plans on painting both his Bentley and his Rolls-Royce Phantom that color.

Still, "For me, it's dying out," he said. "I go places and they be like, 'Why don't you have pink on?' [It's like] I can't even perform without having pink on. People gotta see it."

Okay. Skip the initial reaction to his whole "I started this pink-fashion thing!" Which, I say, let him have that crown. But, can you imagine Cam'Ron sittin down with scientists tryin to figure out a color?
Scene:(Cam'Ron in pink labcoat is surrounded by a gaggle of white scientists with white lab coats on. The environment is sterile, with the exception of marijuana stems and seeds strewn about, next to the ashtrays overflowing with the insides of various cigars. There are numerous papers strewn about and a thick cloud of marijuana covers the room. A few scientists cough as Cam'Ron lights a blunt.

Cam: "Aiiight, now this colors gotta be some'n new ya heard? Some'n n****as can feel son." (Looks into scientist's eyes sitting directly in front of him...scientist flinches nervously.)Cam continues:
"Now this right here (picks up sample color) this ain't shit. I said green and whaddayou mu'fuckhas come up with? Kelly Green mixed with Apple Green? Oh hell no!!!
You need orange hairs in this shit son! Like somma this dodi I been smokin'. (Takes pull of blunt)
Ooh, actually it could use some pink hairs in there too. This shit's hot (begins coughing-fit).
(Scientists look puzzled...Cam is not getting through to them...he realizes this...suddenly he has an idea)

Cam: (recovering from coughing-fit) "Oh thas good, uhm, I know what'll get you crackas motivated! You need to talk to my boy NORE! (whips out celly calls NORE...says whattap and then explains the situation...he nods his heads a few times and then smiles and sez) Aiight NORE, good lookin'. Out."
SCIENTISTS: (as one) What'd he say?
Cam (smiling): "he says ya'll scientists need to get those computers 'putin or else he's gonna light a roman candle and swim the English Channel with his cocker-spaniel y'heard?"
ALL Scientists shuffle and mutter...they have no idea what he means. Suddenly one has an idea:
SCIENTIST ONE: "Perhaps Mr. Killa Cam, perhaps you should share that blunt so we can see the colors that you see."
Cam (with a tear in his eye): "Now that's what I'm sayin dog. Take a pull offa this and you'll understand."
(Embraces scientist) "You my N***a dog. Woof!"
SCENE pulls away as scientists hit the blunt and start scribbling down ideas. Cam now has a silly grin as he turns up the stereo to hear his own "What Means the World to Me". A few scientsits start singing Roxanne much to his displeasure. Fade out.

So, yeah, I had a little free time today.
Hope you enjoyed.

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