Monday, April 26, 2004

Guess I gotta learn html code

I got a new computer and for some reason Blogger ain't lovin my Macintosh self.
That's right. I'm down with the apple that somebody took a bite of.
And as soon as I learn all this software that I got...
look out.
I'll be starin at this shit so long Imma have to get some coke-bottle glasses for my old days...
But no glaucoma.
of course.
In other technology news...
My old ass CD player that me and my brothers had (and I took possesion of) is about 10 years old and it has become a backpacking underground hip-hop snob.
It will not play any other cd's but def-jux.
i swear. tried a few other Cd's. nope.
Only def Jux.
I only have a few def-jux albums and I certainly don't want any others (Smashy Trashy? echhhh...)
It's pretty funny though.
I'm outta here
gonna figure this mac out.

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