Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Internet Links For Your Viewing Pleasure
"cuz you mah boyz *urp* !"

Via the mighty Cocaine Blunts etc. comes the answer to all your sippin sizzurp questions once and for all. Thank you Jesus.

Enjoy the art of Winston Smith!

Read The Memory Hole blog and then give money so I don't have to.
And then there's this little gem making it's way around the internet. The American soldier claims it was doctored. Maybe someone could do it with Photoshop and if they did, then cutting off that one word would be a pretty convincing way to seem like the photos is real. But, I bet it was real. Plus, I really shouldn't even give a shit about that when there's real human beings getting blown up every day in Iraq. But, what the hell, take a look at the pic and judge for yo'self (credit to for the link).
AYO GHOSTFACE!!!! TONEY FOR MAYOR!!!!! OWWWWWW!!!! Stop eatin that pork son! HA HAAAAAAA!!
Yep. My favorite free-association rapper Ghostface(minus the Killah) has a new album out today. Is it any good? Who knows? Bulleproof wasn't really that great so I won't be checkin' for it.
Joe, I had forgotten about attending classes with John Holmes. Damn my reefer madness.
A ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I hope that link works. If not, make a fake name at that bullshit shit mu'fuckah. werd.
What else?
I have no idea what this picture is for or from and I don't care. All I know is that I love it like the fetus I paid my girlfriend to abort. Whoa! Where the hell did that come from?
Okay, if you have Flash capabilities and speakers that work please turn them up and go here! If anyone else besides you hears it they will love you forever! Clink the link NOW!!!
And, via Steve, next to me right now, viewing the latest issues of Maxim notes: "I hope this pink shit goes away. *Pause* Except here (pointing to pink panties on sexxxy model)."
It's true. Well, NORE I hate to agree with totalitarian High School Principals but pink has to go.
Hope you enjoyed. Come again. Thank you.

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