Thursday, April 22, 2004

Just One More Before I Go To Bed...

Check out this article. Go ahead. I will wait.

Okay? This is a wonderful example of how sensationalist our media (and really CNN in particular) has become.
So O'Neil took over Kerry's boat after Kerry left 'Nam, and then debated Kerry on the Dick Cavett show 'cuz Dick Nixon told him to? And now that Kerry is running for President he still has something to say which is basically, 'I don't like him or agree with him and I will use some inflammatory comments to express this.'
So these two used to debate over 'Nam in the past?
Who cares? This is not news. This is old grudges dredged up to slime.
I know it's all politics but damn...We Americans are pretty dumb.
Ehhh, this elections probably rigged anyway....

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