Friday, April 02, 2004

Ol' Lightning Wit Strikes Again

As the two of you who read this blog know, I have long hair and a beard. It's dark, so I get alot of comparisons to Jesus. That and I'm known to sleep for three days at a time and then rise triumphantly.
I'm downtown walkin' across this street with my hair down and this dude walks past me and says:
"Whoa. Seen 'The Passion' yet?" and keeps walkin away from me. I keep walking.
Three steps later the best response comes to mind:
"Oh yeah man, I saw the passion is your mothers eyes after we finished the rough anal sex."
I almost yelled it at the dude but I didn't think the lady that was behind me would understand...
Damn my lightning wit!
Sorry about the lack of posts...was in Austin Texas this weekend for a wedding. It was a good time.
So good in fact, that I drank Crown Royal on the rocks...and didn't throw up!
Plus I got to see my brother for a little bit and get reminded of what really matters in life.
And what really matters in life are bootleg copies of "Kill Bill" and "City of God". Go watch City of God.
Brilliant. I mean it. Go. Watch. Now.
And another important thing about life is...old Peruvian records. Saiva Andila (i think) rules!
Good work bro! Your contribution to hip-hop will not be unrecognized. Be safe down there.
Watch the smokin''ll get ya before you know it. Aiiight. Out until later.

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