Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Presidential Press Conference...An Hour of Stream-OF-Consciousness Babble

Oh my.
I'm still nervous. I'm shaking from it.
I thought for sure I was going to witness the POTUS have a heart-attack.
Hell, I thought I would too. The nervousness seemed contagious.
I was sweating and stammering as well.
Me:"N-n-n-no more hits-uhm, the world is better for it, uhhh-"

POTUS:"Again I repeat what I said earlier...drone drone drone..."

I loved it when he didn't answer a question and the press corps started to call him on it (y'know..."harrumph" and muttering) and he shouted them down and took the next question.
He looked so nervous and his spee-er, uhhmm, what exactly was that anyway...his uh, patriotic ramblings were at best, vague and incoherant. I looked at the comment section over at Eschaton and they were saying multiple networks (Fox included cuz I was watching it) said his speech and answers were "forceful."
The only forceful element I encountered was the strong desire to vote him out of office right now.
Right now dammit right now. I demand a vote!
Vote this nervous no-question-answerin' tool out of office for one reason and one reason alone:
Whether or not he actually is or is not, our President portrays himself as an incoherant and arrogant fool.
You cannot argue with that. I doubt John Kerry will be the answer to all of our problems but damn...
at least he could give a coherant speech with clear answers.
This press confrence-really a farce, shows why he has held so few confrences so far.
He has nothing to say.
Thats both sad and scary.
Out in November. Let him spend the rest of his days rambling and stumling over speeches on the lecture circuit. He's got Secret Service Protection for life. He's set for life. Send him back to Texas.

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