Sunday, April 04, 2004


So I'm at this party last night in the trendy-college-scene part of town last night with a bunch of kids who are real into rock or rather, what passes as rock these days. So there's alot of black t-shirts, hipster types, trucker hats, tinted sunglasses, half-way long haired dudes and skinny-funny lookin chicks. In fact, I have never seen so many bird noses on girls at one place. It's like they all came for the cheap beer and seeds and then decided to stay and listen to emotional music while they look at the ground and smoke light cigarettes. Uh...yeah.
I'm chillin upstairs tryin to get away from the real loud rock kickin in the basement just watchin people and lookin for the only three people I knew at this little shindig. I look over on this table and some girls settin up a box full of matches advertising some new rock band like the table is at some record store or something. There's ads for like Modest Mouse and uh, the Killravens (i think) plastered all over the apartment. It was wierd, like some record store knew most of their audience would be at this party. Hmmm...
There's a bunch of stickers on the table when I walk by later in the evening. Even later, I walk by the table and there's a bunch of flyers and stickers for a bunch of bands I don't care about and then something catches my eye: What's this? Dead Prez stickers?? What the fuck?"
I start buggin out at this huge stack of stickers and grab a big handful and as I'm looking around to see who's watching me I see it:
The new Dead Prez Cd: RBG. Just came out Tuesday. Sitting unguarded on this table.
My eyes bulge and some passing hipster-chick laughs and flashes her huge horse-teeth at my reaction.
Out the way bitch, that's some revolutionary-but-gangta music over there, I think as I push past her and snatch the Cd to look at it. OHO! It's a promo copy! There's a hole punched through the bar-code!
I want it.
I glance around again and suddenly my roommates are next to me. "What ya got there?"
"Ooh-just take it-I bet no one here knows who that is!"
He's right, I think as I stuff it into my pocket real incognito. These fools don't know what this is.
I celebrate with a free cup of kegged beer.
Ah satisfaction!
Later on, and more intoxicated, I spot a guy in a Dead Prez t-shirt. he's walkin by me.
"hey man," I ask, "you like Dead Prez street team or something?"
"Yeah yeah" he says , attempting to slide by me.
"You heard that new album? Is it good?"
"I dunno" he said "I haven't heard it yet." He then made it to the door and escaped into the chilly night.
I grabbed a near-by bottle of wine and held it aloft:
"For you DP Street-team-random-white-dude! I hope I stole your promo copy! If not, hell yeah!" i gulped down the remains of a merlot wine. Nasty but satisfying.
After a drunken-drive home (I didn't drive) I got back to the crib and popped in the CD and p-p-packed the pipe.
Even wasted I could tell this album is nowhere near as good as people been sayin it is. The best track was on one of their mixtapes anyway. Oh well maybe it'll grow on me...
But shit, at least it was free. i wonder what they would think about it?
Some white kid in Indiana has a promo DP CD. They'd be like:
"Slap a white boy-stab your PO-blah blah blah"
The song with Jay-Z at the end wasn't too bad, and I can't stand Jay-Z. And just like their first album
there's two awesome hidden tracks.
"Turn off the radio...crank up yo speakers your woofers and your tweeters"
Awww yeah...can't be too mad at free shit.
I do wish I would've slapped some hipster chick with it. I would love to see a copy of RBG knock off a pair of tinted sunglasses off those slim, streamlined, bird noses. Also, nothing better than laughing at these same people suckin on nitrus baloons as you ash a jay in a Biz Markie record-turned-ashtray.
Ah, the charmed life...

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