Friday, April 16, 2004

This One's For You My Tennessee Friend!

I was just reading O-Dub's blog and he posted a picture of this license plate he saw and that got me thinking about the greatest license plate I have ever seen.
I was driving back from NOLA, the city that smells like urine (TM) and when I was driving through Nashville, Tennessee some red car passed me, so I was like "damn, that's a fast drivin' cat. I wonder if-what the?"
It was then I noticed the license plate:
After a little debate me and my passengers finally decided that it meant "Wine Pimp" and that we were lucky to be sharing the pavement with a procures of fine fermented grape juices. We were so thrilled that we packed the pipe then and there. Ah memories...
So, this post is for you WINE PIMP! Break some bottles if they ain't tastin' right.
Pimp juice?
Fuck that noise.
Fermented Grape Juice.
A man who arranges meetings between wine products and people who consume them.
Now that's gangsta!

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