Sunday, May 16, 2004

I Probably Shouldn't Even Care...

but my addiction to records is gettin outta control. I drop about 40 dollars a week on records (and i probably get 20-30 each time) and this week was no exception.
Cool snags included a few Blue Note Records that Madlib used for his Blue Note CD (the name escapes me right now...)got that Byrd record with the "Lookin' at the Front Door" sample...was chillin' at work with the portable record player blastin some Herbie Hancock Headhunters. Watermelon Man is the shiiiiiit.
In other record news I dropped 10 bucks on some record that the record owner said was worth 60 bucks or so...this dude rules...Doesn't even really care about makin' money off of the stuff...just loves sellin' I guess. What a player. But 10 bucks? that's alot of money for something that contains no THC. MMMHMMM. It's a good record though.
I am so ready to move into the new crib (this August) and combine record collections with my diggin/music makin' friend.
My plan is to smack Indianapolis over the head with BANGIN sample-based hip-hop.
And if that don't work I'm gonna get a job with some record company and use this knowledge of samples to get paid...("ohhhh, they sampled the skull snaps record...hittim widda lawsuit")...but nah, fuck this vulture of culture shit.
I think I'm just gonna give away my music anyway.
Now I need to fix my sampler cuz it's buggin'.
Oh, uh, next post I'll letcha know about this art-show I'm gonna be in.
Should be...uh, me drinkin a buncha High-Life's as hipsters walk around my cartoons like they know what "real" art is.
i'm gonna go home and ruin my lungs.
Like father like son I suppose.
except I'm funkier.
As, Dylan from my favorite hip-hop group of all time (nah)would say:

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