Sunday, May 16, 2004

It's A New World

And Blogger is still hatin' on Macintosh.
Oh well.
Yo ya'll...I got some new digs courtesy of the merger of google and blogger. More money=more stuff for the free users. That means a bitchin' black look. As a courtesy, when viewing this blog, please thank satan and scream any Slayer songs you know. Go to for help if you desire. If you notice that I typed the site instead of just linking to it then you win a bonus prize. I have no idea why, but the buttons I use to enhance this blog with HTML code (i think)no longer work when used through Explorer on a Mac. So, more bloggin' at work which is good for ya'll cuz you'll get the exxtra dosage but bad for me cuz I'll probably lose the job.
But that's the price I'll pay for ya.
I rule.
I am currently enjoying a buzz provided by 12 fluid oz of High Life satisfaction as I barrel down the information highway. Did I just type "the superinformation highway?" Oh. Nope. But still...
That phrase is a white man's wet dream.
Uhm, yep, I think it's time for me to step off cuz it's not even 10Pm and I'm reelin'.
Fuck a speelcheck.
MJP, raise a Cristal in the Peruvian air!
JG-go home and drink a Pale Ale under a Chico sky.
we gettin' crunk wit this blog enty.

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