Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Why Does Our Government Hate America?

Now, I've been waiting for that headline for a minute since it seems to be pretty damn accurate these days. So, in the time that I last posted we have seen documentation of prisoner abuse in Iraq (in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison)and the idiotic defense of those abusing the prisoners ("well, why should we sympathize with these prisoners being abused by U.S. soldiers? I bet the same prisoners we are trying to protect have American blood on their hands."). Uhm, hmmm...i don't even have to comment really. Let me put it this way: If you are defending a soldier who has put Iraqi prisoners in nasty sexual positions, etc. etc. etc. or have photographed these prisoners (violating the Geneva Conventions) then I would just say: I feel sorry for you.
Anyone who justifies the abuse of prisoners must be a sick person indeed.
You don't fuck with prisoners whether they be rapists, pedophiles, freedom-fighters, suspected terrorists or whatever because when you do so you become an example of the type of behavior that prisons are (in theory) created to cater to. That is, if you cannot treat others as you wish to be treated then you cannot participate in society and you should be in prison. This sort of behavior is why so many hate us around the world.
We claim to be liberators and then we behave in the same manner as those we despose.
Gee, why do those Iraqi's hate us?
And then, this story breaks and some American has lost his head. There's a video out there if you want to find it. I won't be looking 'cause I never liked "Faces of Death" anyway and seing some dude get beheaded sounds more like entertainment for the Middle Ages, but hell, who I am to judge?
Either way, my thoughts are thus:
No one deserves to be beheaded (except Carrot-Top)and especially not for THIS war.
Once again, this is our own damn fault. If you read the article you understand.
If not, read that last link dammit.
President Bush says that we will find those responsible. And we will.
Just ask Usama Bin Laden.

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