Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire.
You could go to a number of places for the info but it's best viewed at Ted Rall's blog because some people with too much time on their hands thought that Rall's cartoon was treasonous behavior and started a campaign to inform John Ashcroft. More suckers for patriotism!

You can't Trust Everything You Read...
Except here. Most of the time.

Okay, I've read alot about the likes of Jay-Z and the Neptunes and uhhm, I guess Musicians, that get alot of love from the radio and tv and sell a buncha records and stuff and when I read about these artists I always have a sneaking suspicion that maybe, just maybe, there is a glimmer of hope, some un-noticed element of their music that might prove that I'm not a music snob-or at least just not so much of an underground-head to appreciate some mainstream shit. So I read all these articles about these new bands or these "hitmakers" that everybody talks about.

"Did you get that new Jay-Z Black Album? He's the G.O.A.T."

"That new Kenna that was produced by Chad Hugo from the Neptunes is like some Depeche Mode hip-hop (me: what the fuck?!???)."

and so on and so on...

Don't believe the hype.
I tried Jay-Z again tonight. I tried Reasonable Doubt, the album all heads I know reccommend but man, I just don't like ol' J-Hova. I've tried. I have been a fair man and I have listened to his music and I'm just like ehhhhhh....

sorry there hiphop. my bad.

And then there's THIS:

Ain't feelin the Neptunes in any way shape or form these days. I tried this Kenna stuff cuz all these white kids are blowin it up with outlandish quotes like the one earlier. Shit sucks ya'll. Keyboard beats had their day in the sun. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now. Boring. N.E.R.D.?


Caught 'em on SNL this week and had a nice laugh. How could you possibly dance to the single they played? You know, the "her ass is like a space ship..." song? That third dude they have that's their Flava-Flave-hype-man was just like: "uhhhhhh"

not hype. not interesting. and the 2nd song? Echhhhhhh.
Neptunes and Jay-Z can keep doin their thing but I ain't gonna be payin' attention. I've tried.

Got a buncha other Cd's from the library though, along with a great Soviet-revolution Russian poster-book that'll be great for art...

This dude has great links, but sometimes the American Idol talk and other bullshit get on my nerves so I decide to write posts about it just like he does with the "no homo" phrase others in blogdom use.

Who cares? If it bugs you skim over it or stop reading it. It's what I do when anyone brings up conversations about tv or whatever. Just let it roll. Ahhhhhh, breathe easy.

Saw my man Joe in the Nap this weekend but no show from the Notorious G.A.V.

He get's the gas-face.

My brother said he found the Peruvian spot for vinyl. Cheap and plentiful. He's an international digger now, slavin' for the man. And if the man is me, which I am and I be, then this time I'm rooting for the man.

Well, html code is no fun and I don't think I'll be bloggin much with the Mac so that means that I'll have to use the roommates computer until I move. Speaking of moving, I got to toss around some old bikes at the place I'm gonna be livin next year.

Last tenants left old bike frames all over the back yard so I helped clean them up and did my part to contribute to the Bike Mountain. It was beautiful. And I found a trampoline so I'm gonna stay in shape son. Betta rec'nize.

That's it. I'm smokin' resin and passin' out.

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