Wednesday, June 30, 2004

More News Of The Scum

I started my day off right by once again failing to commit to a non-smoking regiment. Christ I need to buy some coffee so I can have some kinda buzz in the mornings, otherwise it's time to start doin' speed like those truckers. Maybe I'll splurge and get some of the good coffee for once. No more ALDI's coffee for me!

Of course, I didn't even need any coffee when I saw this article (via atrios). George ain't going nowhere ya'll. He wasn't elected the last time, so why should this time be any different? I'm taking some time off near November and camping out with those people I know with Ak-47's in case the shit starts poppin'. These are jokes right now, but if there is another terrorist attack...I'm pullin out the "Guerilla Warfare" CIA manuals I bought a few years back.
Watch me make a candy-bar into a booby-trap. BLOOKUM!

Kanye West is still making Jesus cry somewhere with that obscene Jesus piece he's reppin'to the 3rd version of a video for his "Jesus Walks" song where him and Jesus walk around and heal cripples and shit (seriously). I gotta hope that Jesus also ganks that Jesus piece and uses it to brain Kanye with it, saving me the effort.

Oh and speaking of freaks-for-Jesus, here's the link to Jack T. Chick's website. If you have never seen any Chick tracts then I feel sorry for you, because every time I see one I snag it and add it to my collection. These little tract/comic-books are so horrible and insane that they are almost beautiful. Just go over there and be amazed at the kind of shit that this dude writes about. Fanatical Christians are always funny except when they are the figurehead for your nation. Then that shit is scary.

Head on over to Greg Palast (my favorite investigative reporter)to read some more depressing shite that is no doubt, true. Plus in his weblog he prints an Email he got from Noam Chomsky. If only I could get a note from Noam. Maybe someday:
Chiseven: Nice post on your proposal concerning AIDS-victims being allowed to legally skull-fuck Nancy Reagan. Still, your post could have more about indoctrination. Noam. Boy, that would rule. Espescially since I just used the words "skull-fucking" and Nancy Reagan in the same sentence. Nasty!

Taibbi. Need I say more? I think not.

Kristof has an opinion piece in today's NYtimes. Read it if you want, but I'll save you the effort: "Bush didn't lie...he just misrepresented the truth." Uh-huh. Look Jackoff, all politicians lie-that's what politicians do. Of course that mu'fuckah lied! It's like KRS-ONE said: "Every president that we've ever had lied, y'know I'm kinda glad Nixon died." AWWW-YEAH! I apologize for the lame content of this post. Slow day.

And finally...

I'm over what I wrote about. I changed this post as a result.
I'm out.

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