Saturday, June 19, 2004

Now I can Sleep Again...

Just a quick note...found out that I've been lusting after someone who is taken. Kinda sucks, but at least I know now so I can have some closure to this little episode in my life. I've been sleeping terribly because of this, but I found out today, so it's all good. Ahhhhhh. I should've known...the good ones are always taken. Ah well, maybe now I can get back on track and be back to my usual self. *sigh* I hope ya'll are doing well cuz I'm kinda bummed these days...I seem to be drifting away from my friends and I'm spending more time alone than I used to...and that's not good. I guess it's all training for when I live alone and put up clippings from newspapers on the wall and try to construct complex patterns and flow charts to prove that the Masons have been controlling my mind with fluoride or something. All humor aside, you guys should give me a call (I don't have a phone card)cuz I need to talk to my boys. Much love and respect fellas...I'm gonna go write a sad song on guitar.
(chiseven slowly walks away...)

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