Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Once Again Back is the Incredible

First off, if any of you ever read Thomas Friedman, then I'm sorry for you, but if you read Taibbi, then there's no need. As usual, great stuff from Taibbi.

Is anyone else not surprised when another Bush appointee turns out to be scum. It's about time Ashcroft gets some critical attention. Let's hope he gets caught in his lie, so he can go to jail like Tommy Chong, only this time they'll be putting a real crook behind bars.

The President wants you to understand that he has huge balls. The President claims the right to waive anti-torture laws and treaties covering prisoners of war concerning the "War on Terror." Who's this muthafuckah think he is? Please, please, please, if there is a God, please convict George Bush of War Crimes. The only un-elected president indicted for War Crimes. Has a great ring to it! How could these knucklehead fucks around me defend that?

Or, maybe, not many can deny that Bush sucks. It begins...

I knew it! I knew T-Boz and her sickle-cell-anemia-havin' self couldn't hang with Wack-10 too long! And he beat her! Westside's new album must not have sold much, so he figured he'd take it outta T-Boz's ass. Check this:

In court documents, she said, “My husband informed me that he would smash my teeth down my throat. I asked my husband to give my daughter back to me and I reached for her, and my husband pushed me to the ground twice.” Damn! Hoo-Ridin' indeed.

Coming to a cut-out bin near you. OKAYYYYYYY?!? Lil' Jon and Paris Hilton finally acknowledge all the pleading letters for them to collaborate. I mean, what the fuck does paris Hilton possibly have to say? Do we really not understand the plight of a rich girl, famous for nothing except her night-camera action? She get's deep ya'll. Lil' jon better be tappin' that and then makin' money off the video. Word.

Those dudes over at hiphopsite say that People Under the Stairs got a new album coming out in September, called "Stepfather." I can't confirm this, but if it's true then September is gonna be tha shit. I was bumpin' "...Or Stay Tuned" today as I was drawing this comic-strip. Speaking of that comic-strip, I should probably get back to inkin' it, but I gotta give ya'll some love.

Finally, Bol over at byroncrawford.com has posted the comments from some douche who sounds like he's in the KKK. Peep it here. You gotta Email this Brad Benites some articulate criticism at bwpokertables@hotmail.com Tell that dude he's a chode, but do it proper. I'm gonna think about my response and then post it up, cuz, Iwant that can of High-Life dammit. mmmm. Had four of those last night. Could go for a few right now. Oh well, guess I'll settle for the Herbal Essence.
Until then, I'll be waiting for the Bol update. check the teaser:

We use the power of the Internet to track down this asshole (no homo) and expose him for the Nazi Youth that he is to his friends, family, coworkers and anybody else who might be interested. Beeyotch!

I can't wait.

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