Saturday, July 31, 2004

"so forget Oreo's eat Cool J Cookies I'm BAD."

Well, if anyone cares, the moving is almost completed and now I have two roommates for a uncertain number of months. Both gentlemen have nowhere to go for the time being (ie. no housing )so, as I am a motherfuckin gentleman, I am living out of my living room so these fools can have their own space. This is only made bearable by the fact that they are my fellow partners in this music thing we're trying to do. More beats and rhymes for the Eastside of Indianapolis. And since all the white folks are trying to move out of the area (by my estimation) I think that will be fine. Plus, me and my boy D. have combined our record collection into one powerful entity. It is a glorious thing to behold.

I shaved my large beard off and am now rockin a moustache-kinda -thing so now people have quit calling me Jesus and they are now calling me Frank Zappa. Works for me. Now I just gotta find someone to take my picture on the toilet. Damn. Actually, I do kinda look like him. Hmm. I should listen to "Hot Rats" when I get home.

Yo, in the time I've spent away from this little diary of mine, I have been quite busy, not only with moving, but also with painting sneakers. Well, two to be exact. A friend of a friend hooked me up with a pair of Air Force One's to paint for this traveling exhibit called Sneaker Pimps. Check the site out for an explanation. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Okay, maybe they'll put up some pictures of the event, but it was a good time. DJ TopSpeed was playin' some good breakbeats last night, and it sounded like the original records, so props to that man. Saw some b-boys breakin' as I was painting my sneaks. Made me wanna dance, but then I was like, wait, I'm white. We don't dance, we just exploit those who do. So I charged some people a few dollars to watch them and then spent it on beer. That's a lie because the beer was free. That money went towards the chronic fund. Some highlights of the evening:
*Met Rhymefest last night and talked to him about doing a pair of shoes for him. Hope he calls. I could use the money.
*Every person I met couldn't believe I was the dude that painted my shoe. That's what I get for lookin more like Frank Zappa than some b-boy. But, I did get alot of compliments and I spied more than a few people taking pictures of my work.
*Drank free Budwiser all evening. Crap beer but good for starting the artistic impulse. Got kinda intoxicated. Drove. Probably would've went to jail if I would've had to take a breathalyzer. But I was cool because I have learned the value of mastering my high from hip-hop. Thank you hip-hop!
Go see the show if it comes your way. Seeing the Nintendo Shoe in person is like a religious experience. And they'll give you a free t-shirt. Go. Now.

In Other News...
While Russell Simmons is promoting his new show "Russel Simmons Presents Hip Hop Justice" his wife is busy making sure that he'll have new material to work with. What a woman.

Head on over to and peep the Michael Moore vs. Bill O'Reilly "debate" if you want. I could save you the time though. Nothing happens, no resolutions, no screaming, no shouting. Pretty boring, but I'll give Michael Moore props because it seems like the thing to do. Stay at METALFACE's site though...he's always got interesting stuff to read.

Now I don't know how I feel about this case, cause I can kinda sympathise with the "criminal". So this guy taped a dogs mouth shut on a hot day and the dog died as a result. Why? It was his brother's dog and he was barking incessantly. Now, I'm going to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and ASSUME that he didn't know how dogs cool themselves via the mouth. If he did know this, then fuck him, but if he didn't I don't think he should be charged with animal cruelty. The reason I say this is because I used to live between two neighbors who had barking dogs chained up in their backyard. I can sympathize with wanting to kill a dog because it barks so much and disturbs you. I say this because in my case, and I'm assuming this guy's case as well, the neighbors just had the dogs around and they never paid any attention to them except to feed them. Therefore, the dogs barked constantly for attention. Look, if you are going to have a dog, then don't chain that mu'fuckah up so he barks all the time. Get out and take that dog for a walk and let it get some exercise. If you can't do that then you don't deserve a pet. Too many mu'fuckahs treat dogs like televison: as a source of entertainment that can be enjoyed in small incriments. If you can't give a dog plenty of room to roam and give it affection and attention then you don't deserve one. Plus, the thing that gets me is that most of the mu'fuckahs that do this shit to dogs usually have kids. That's sad. But, that's the problem with procreation: Anyone can do it and they usually do.
Aiight ya'll thus concludes todays sermon. Now you can get back to searching the Internet for really important stuff, like pictures of Lindsey Lohan's nipple-slips. Is it wrong that I know what nipple-slips means? I spend too much time on the work.
Fuck spell-check...I keeps it gangsta.

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