Saturday, July 10, 2004

A Few Quick Notes...

I'm back for a minute right now, taking a break from moving and working to post up some more bullshit. My new crib is gettin' squared away nicely...I spent a few hours last night trying to organize my record collection (which by this point, is outta control)and I rewarded myself with a 40 0z. of Mickeys. Why? That's 40 ounces of booze for three bucks, which means that my 130 lb. body get's faaaaaaded. Tried making a beat after I finished off my stash and guzzled the 40 but beat-makin' requires a coordination of sorts that I don't have when I'm drunk. Had to pass out early so I caould be at work early today. On a side note, I think my job is going to turn me into one of those mu'fuckahs that has a nightcap before the nightly repose. My job never has me coming in on a consistent basis, so my sleeping patterns get fucked up, and I'm an insomniac anyway, so the alchohol helps quiet the voices when I need to get to bed. I feel sorry for my liver though.

Of course, I feel more sorry for John Edwards though. As Bol points out, that bitch is ugly and fat. He has sex with her. Ugggggh. Of course, John Kerry's wife is no better, but at least she's rich and not fat. Of course, Laura Bush ain't much better, but at least she's a librarian. Why does that matter? Man, librarians are freaky dude. You ever wonder why "The Joy of Sex" and "Getting More Pleasure From Your Anus" are never checked-in at your local library? It's cuz those librarians are takin' it home and putting in work. I swear.

It really is a shame that he had to spend some time in the slammer, but why the fuck would you want to go on Leno to talk about it? What, is Leno just gonna make stupid cliched jokes about it or something? I could see it now:

Jay Leno: "Hey everybody, big news...Tommy Chong was released from jail on Thursday(scattered cheering)...yeah, as a result, his local 7-11 had to shut down because they couldn't keep all his munchies in stock. Ha-Ha-Ha, get it? See, smoking pot amkes you hungry and-oh god, what am I doing? I'm such a shill. Bill Hicks was right about me. I'll end it right now." (Jay reaches behind his desk and retrives an Uzi, which he places in his mouth...see Bill Hick's "Rant in E Minor" for what happens next). Chiseven: (stands up an applaudes): "Bravo Jay. You finally did the right thing."

Oh yeah, as I was driving back to the crib after buying a 40 I saw a hooker on the street close to th crib. She was staring at the ride hard son. She couldn't have been more than 20...and the sad thing is, I actually thought about picking her up. Isn't that crazy? Damn I need to get laid. But not pay for it directly. I'll pay for the sex with dinners and movies and know, the LEGAL way. Hookers near the crib? Oh the parties I could throw...

So Tom Ridge says that terrorists may disrupt our elections? Is a terrorist really just a crooked-politician that would allow something like that to happen and then use it as a political-tool to remain in power? I tend to think that this was the case as far as September 11th was concerned. But, if you were at the docks last night then you heard my rant. Anyway, as far as speculating the motives of our corrupt administration is concerned, you should check this article out, and then check this one out. Personally, I think that even if George Bush captured Satan himself it wouldn't make a difference because that fucker is on his way out.

Our representatives are still spineless wankers. As if you didn't know anyway.
Oh, and what was George's response to a reporter's question concerning the indictment of Ken Lay? This.
Oh, and about his service records that would prove he didn't skip out of his National Guard duty?
Those have been destroyed. Convenient huh?

And finally, my favorite reporter, Helen Thomas, tells my local newspaper what's really going on. Maybe now these knucklehead fucks will quit writing ridiculous OP-Ed pieces about how Bush has made mistakes but is still a good president. Ah, fuck it...I'll just burn that motherfucker down. I gotta get back to work. See you next time when i get a break from moving.


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