Sunday, July 04, 2004

Just a Quick Entry Before I Go...

I'll be spending the next few days packing all of my worldly possesions into cardboard boxes and travelling down Interstate 70 towards the new crib, so I wanted to leave ya'll with a few links and thoughts before all my time gets accounted for. Speaking of this house, I think I may have ruined a marriage and lost my best-friend by moving to said house. Not bad for a weeks-work huh? I jest, as my moving into this house has only made the three individuals that I refer to realize that they've been messing up and they need to start paying for the mistakes they have made. I realize this probably won't make much sense to those reading this post who don't know me and my personal life, but if you somehow made it here without knowing me, then I would suggest you persuse my archives and get to know me a little better. Either way, I'm moving, much to the dismay of those three individuals. Now, I'll be in a real house and not just some goddamn apartment or townhouse or whatever. I gotta buy a refridgerator tommorrow too. So besides packing, if I have some free time I will be attempting to learn how to throw playing cards like Ricky Jay, master illusionist. Spend some time at that website or check out the June issue of the Smithsonian to peep a short article on him. Amazing stuff, really.

I spend way too much time over at Byron Crawford's page cuz that dude is a funny motherfuckah. One of the best parts about his website is the comments that people leave, after googling something like "J-Kwon Kanye West Fan Club baby momma" and then finding his website and his scathing wit on the previously mentioned rappers. Peep this comment:
" HOLLA J-KWON THIS BE YA GIRL SHANAH A.K.A BABYSHA HITTIN YOU UP SHOWIN YOU SOME LOVE FROM THAT 201 AREA CODE I THINK YOU ARE SO CUTE TO BE ONLY 17 WELL I'M 18, 5'3, BROWNSKIN, BROWNEYES, BLACKHAIR, THICK IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES I HAVE BIG TITS AND A BIG ASS SO IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR HOLLA AT ME MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS SHABOO4U@AOL.COM HOLLA 1 "...and oh god, there's What cracks me up is that people actually defend these wack rappers like Bol even gives a fuck. The best one was that chick above posting up a personal message to J-Kwon, like that dude is gonna google his own name and be like: "Oho! I like fat asses and big titties, and even though I am not 17, I think I will take this young ladies offer and proceed to pour the contents of my pimp-goblet into her weave and then get my freak on." Yeah, if that mu'fuckah was that articulate anyway. Watch out girl, don't you know that the "teen president" beats his babys-momma anyway? Why would you be any different? Thank god, I have no comments section. If you don't agree with me then you can eat a dick. Word to Slick Rick on that one.

Yo, check out Lil' Jon before he was screamin "OKAYYYYYYYY!" Whoa huh? But y'know what? I kinda like Lil Jon cuz he seems to be a really smart individual who knows that you gotta act a fool to get noticed these days (are you paying attention Common?). I mean, the dude is a college graduate and all that (and seems to be quite articulate)and yet, by his appearances you'd think he was an idiot. Therefore, he is brilliant. Oh, and then there's this:
"That ain't no fuckin' poetry, that's a run-on sentence"
-Lil Jon, yelling, after reading a poem from Jewel's book "A Night Without Armor" (spotted at this place). HA HAAAAAAAA! Take that Jewel, ya big-tittie, snaggletooth, havin' Alaskan you. Boo-ya.
Aiiight, that's it. I'm out.
Fuck a spellcheck. I keeps it gangsta. RRRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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