Thursday, July 15, 2004


So I wrote up this big long post yesterday with a bunch of links and uh, diagrams and uh, proof that Iraq has WMD's, and there was some other stuff too. got lost. Blogger was put in some infinite loop of publishing and then, *poof* the post is gone. So, fuck it. I'll try and remember what I linked to. And you will like it and praise me. EDIT: Forget it.  It's there now.  That makes no damn sense. Enjoy though. 
Head over to Bol's and peep the genius at work. Right now he's got a post about which Bush twin he'd bang. Now, I think they're both overrated (not much of a blonde fan-and yes, one isn't blonde but shit, that don't fool me)and really not attractive, but I will give you this: At least they are not Kerry's daughters. Ye gods. I was at the old crib last night, chillin' with my old roommate and those two horse-face havin' Kerrys popped up on the screen. We both shrieked like little girls. Oh lord. The older Kerry is just downright frightening.*shudder*What is it with these Democrats havin' ugly kids? Remember Chelsea Clinton? I've been trying.

Good news Joe! I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. Really, if anyone would be suspected as a homosexual it would probably be me, at least, due to the lack of ladies in my life. Which reminds me of the time my mom was like "it's okay if you're gay" and I was like "whaaaaaaaat?" I'm not really sure why she thought that but I proved her wrong when I went outside and felt up the 16 year old neighbor. When I got out of jail she apologized. Betta rec'nize. But hey, I say that if gay people want to marry then they should. In fact, I think they should raise a bunch of kids too, because those kids would be really snappy dressers and they'd be funny as a motherfucker. So, fuck it, mo' homos.

Spotted at Blah3 via Josh Marshall, comes the news that the same lawyer representing Ken Lay is also representing Bush in the Plame case. Link at the Josh Marshall site. But, of course, this is a strange coincidince. Y'know, I always wondered what people were thinking when Nixon was President, but I don't ever have to wonder with this crooked bunch in power. George is my generations Nixon. I can't wait until (20 years from now)all the documents get dumped which prove Bush et. al as crooked. It will happen.

And I can't say I'm really hyped about Kerry (which Skull&Bones candidate will you choose?)but I do like this. Polite and to the point. Bravo.

I noticed over at that those involved with Ego Trip (the best damn magaizine ever)are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Head over to if you live in NYC to peep some shite. Or if your like me, and not in NYC you can just hope they'll reprint the entire run someday. I once read an interview where Count Chocula was interviewing Fat Joe and it was the shit! Funniest interview ever. God I hope I can read that again before I die...Oh, and they(hiphopsite)also said Slick Rick is working on a new album that is aimed at a "mature" audience. Remember "Adults Only" from his last album ("ain't no need to be subtle, when I want the butthole")? This shit is gonna be great.

On that note, I'm out. Still moving boxes around the crib and consuming as much "High Life" as I can each evening. Now I need to find some herbal essence. Then, it's all good. Ya'll behave yourselves now.

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