Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Memories Don't Leave Like People Do...

Sorry about that. I was just thinking of that "Travelin' Man" song with Dj Honda and Mos Def, and I was thinking about how that could be a theme for me lately. But that's on some personal shit, and I have found that no one cares about my personal issues. And hey, I can't blame them. Everybody's got problems (but a bitch ain't one...okay, couldn't resist...sorry). Hit me! *DAHHHHHNNNN* (that's what that 99 Problems song sounds like to me when put into words. word.). And hey, speaking of problems, looks like a bunch of people that fly, with the exception of my moms who rules, are a bunch of scared little bitches. I swear...if someone next to me was writing the sentence "I know this is kind of a bomb" and I was snooping on them like a little bitch, I would ask them what that's all about. Not tell some flight-attendant. Shit, if I'm next to a terrorist, then that's cool, cuz I'll be the first to die and it probably won't be painful. Probably just a bright flash and then, I dunno, whatever happens when we die. No big deal. But, I would certainly handle it like a man, like, "oh, is the NYTimes now an incendiary device of some sort or what? I'd suggest that it's more of a rag, or a piece of trash, but your depiction is somewhat accurate these days...let's discuss it." I certainly wouldn't get somebody hassled by punk-ass cops with smart remarks.

And as an aside, let me maneuver my way into an editorial comment about cops: Just because you were lucky enough to pass your civil-servant test and make it through an academy with a bunch of other moustaches doesn't mean that you have a license to insult people when they answer your questions. Like check this, last time I was pulled over for exceeding the speed limit in a school-zone (that's right, fuck those kids, they can run outta my way, they're young):
Officer Moustache: "So why were you speeding through a posted school-zone?"
Chiseven: "I wasn't thinking right, I thought the speed limit was 40mph and-"
OM: "40mph?!? What kind of a school-zone is 40 mph?!?"
Chi7: "None, I got nervous with you directly behind me and didn't notice the school-zone sign. I was just focused on keeping the car under 40 so you wouldn't pull me over and-"
OM: "Well that didn't work did it?"
And that's about it. He let me go with a warning cuz I've never had a ticket (yep.true.)but he did make a snide comment every chance he could. Why? The same reason every other fucko decides to be a cop: It's a power trip. Now I know there are good cops out there ('cause I know a few actually)but I'm gonna say that the majority of cops that I have encountered are douche-bags with an inferiority complex that they attempt to remedy with macho-postures and insulting and condescending attitudes towards the citizens. If you don't agree, fuck off...I didn't ask you.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a hostess at some restaurant in NYC where a bunch of celebrities go? Me neither, but here's an article that is pretty interesting anyway, mainly for the visual image of Star Jones getting flipped over by her fiance in a mock-sex public act. Oh the horror. Oh yeah, fuck New York. I said it.

Good news for you Joe!Ha haaaaa! Just playin'. I just gotta rip on someone and since yer the only reader...well, sorry. Otherwise, why the hell would we need an amendment banning gay marriage? Marriage ain't sacred. It's a concept. That's all. There's nothing to it, besides an agreement between two people. What are people scared of, gay parents raising children? What's the big deal? Those kids will be fashionable and hilarious, which is more than I can say about most of the kids I know who were raised by hetero-parents. And, just to piss O-Dub off, no homo!

Didn't get that last reference? See his post from Thursday, June 03, 2004
(found here). I sometimes check out O-Dub just 'cause he includes some good links from his website, but as far as his opinions on life and music go, I usually disagree with him, well, most of the time. He did say that the Beastie Boys latest album was not 5-star worthy as Rolling Stone suggested ( and I'd agree there)but often, I think his criticism is mainly, a waste of effort. Is it because he's Asian and I'm a white, ignorant Hoosier (whatever that means)? Hell no, I think that music criticism is akin to being a cheerleader in high-school. It's pointless. Someone once said that "A critic is like someone who steps on the battlefield to shoot the wounded" to which, I would agree. Criticism to me, is like commenting on someone burping. Sure, you can do it, but who cares? Who cares what you think about the burp or the latest MF DOOM album? It's all an opinion. Ehhh, who am I fooling? I'm just mad because no-one pays me to write my opinion on music or anything else.
I can't resist this little White People Liking Hip Hop Debate over at O-dub's and the Quarterwit. My two cents:
Who cares what Mos Def says about white people and hip hop? Did anybody see the character he played in "The Italian Job"? Didn't really seem to mesh with the Mos Def I knew on the Black Star CD. In fact, it seemed kinda strange for this "revolutionary" cat to be playing second-fiddle to white-naw fuck that, playing second fiddle to MARKEY FUCKING MARK. But see, I figured it out. Mos may be principled as far as his concerns for black-culture, but money does talk. I mean, if Mos was gettin' all righteous as I once thought he was, he wouldn't take that role. But, Mos ain't no fool. He lives in a capitalist society just like I do. If you don't have money you starve. So, convictions or not, if Mos gets a chance to make a big pile of money to portray a typical Hollywood interpretation of a black man then he's gonna do it. No big deal. Also, when he talks about those white-kids who bought their first Wu-tang record to pretend that they are Wu-tang, I don't take offense. Sure, there are some dumbass-white-kids that listen to hip-hop and don't come correct, but he ain't talking about me...and hell, even if he was, it's no big deal. I'm a white 24 year-old male who listens to hip-hop. Looking at me, you'd think I was more into Metallica, but hey, that doesn't matter either. If it gets right down to it, I think the main reason I'm into hip-hop is found in one of these three reasons:
A)I like all kinds of music. Hip hop (through the use of sampling) is the culmination of all musical efforts since the beginning. This artform has unlimited potential, and can reference any culture and any time period.
B)I'm an English major. I like words and what people do with them.
C)I'm a skinny white kid who probably get's a charge from the distinct macho-male psychology inherent in hip hop. It's mainly men making this music, and generally, the music is braggadocious and asserting aggressive impulses. I could explain further, but O-Dub's writing a thesis, not me. So basically, even though this long post obviously proves me wrong, I don't give a fuck about what anyone says about white-people listening to hip-hop. They may be right, but I ain't gonna feel guilty for liking some art. I will feel guilty for wanting to be Ghostface Killah though. That dude has a huge-gold eagle-piece! I don't even like gold, but I'd love to just show up at work with a huge golden eagle and then smack some fools over the head with it. No one has ever clowned me for it cuz I'm no chump. Only chumps get clowned. With that said, let's bring the ruckus. Comments can be sent to or ya'll can talk shit on your own blogs.
I'm out, no homo (ha).

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