Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I'm Goin' Back To Cali...

Hmm, I just realized that I had two posts in a row using old Ladies Love Cool James titles.
Good for me.
But as the title says, I'm going back to California to visit one of my boys who "made it." That is, he escaped from Indiana. Either way, I do plan this as a vactation from the monotony at work and at home, and a chance to get wasted, Hunter S. Thomspon style. Besides consuming copious amounts of alchohol and home-grown, I also plan on arm-wrestling the Governator and, God willing, breakdancing upon the grave of Ronald Reagan. Wish me luck in my endeavors. Either way, I'll try to make an update or two,. but Goddammmit, this is vacation. I do blogging at work. Now who's ready for some news?

Note: All stories from the Guardian (one of the few newspapers worth reading these days).
This ain't no joke suckas. Flee from the coast if you know what's good for you. Otherwise, goodbye you lizard-scum.
Now, back to United States Politricks:
Let's hope this happens. I got an Email from a friend today urging me to join moveon.org and get "that bastard out of office." And, while I understand and agree with the sentiment, I am not pinning all my hopes upon Kerry and Edwards. Sure, it will be "better" in some aspects ( Ashcroft gone, insane Republican influence waning, etc.) but c'mon, John Kerry is going to save this country? Please. I suggest we go to Eugene V. Debs grave and ressurect that Socialist. Then I'll be excited about a new President. Until then, I remain skeptical.
And why should I not? Matt Taibbi explains. (BTW, read anything you can by Taibbi. He's one of the only journalists I enjoy reading and often, enjoy agreeing with. Check out this exclusive interview with Osama)
Oh, and Bush has named the successor to Tenet. Here's our new head of the CIA:
Congressman (R) Peter Goss. Goss? Goss? Now why does that name sound familiar?
Oh yeah! Remember the four 9-11 widows that have been doing more investigation and asking better questions than anyone else concerning 9-11? I do. And I also remember this little nugget:
"The four moms—Kristen Breitweiser, Patty Casazza, Mindy Kleinberg and Lorie van Auken—use tactics more like those of a leaderless cell. They have learned how to deposit their assorted seven children with select grandmothers before dawn and rocket down the Garden State Parkway to Washington. They have become experts at changing out of pedal-pushers and into proper pantsuits while their S.U.V. is stopped in traffic, so they can hit the Capitol rotunda running. They have talked strategy with Senator John McCain and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. They once caught Congressman Porter Goss hiding behind his office door to avoid them. And they maintain an open line of communication with the White House."
(Italics mine)
So, we have some guy running the C.I.A. who is scared of talking to four widows from New Jersey about 9-11? Oh yeah, this will be a good choice for the nation. Thanks W!

So is it all that bad? Yes, yes it is. Especially when this happens. Goddammit. He better be playing oppossum.

And, yes, we all know Rick James died, but what about Mr. Ronald Isley and his minor stroke?
See, I heard all my white friends mention Rick James like they gave a fuck about him before the Chapelle Show skit, but NOT ONE mentioned Mr. Biggs. I mean, do these crackers know that he is the reason they all know the lyrics to "Today Was A Good Day" (what I mean is that, without that "Between the Sheets" sample, that song would be weeeeeeak)? Get well soon, my man.
And with that, I'm out. Time to study up on my Espanol. Hasta Luego!

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