Sunday, August 08, 2004

This Young Man Is Growing Up...

I apologize for the delay in updates, but as the title suggests, I have been busy with real-life shit, so I ain't got no time for the bloggin'. I've been makin' some moves lately and I really have not had the time to sit down behind the computer and compose, but hey, today is Sunday, so while God is resting I'll be working on some hot links. Belieeee dat.

Yo, if there's any new beat-makers out there (like myself) who are spending their days searching for the "Assembly Line" drums or those real funky open-drum breaks from your moms old 45's, then you need to peep this article. I spotted it at O-dub's spot, who spotted it at Crunkster. Or, if you are just interested in some (almost) forgotten hip-hop lore, read that article about Paul C. Dave Thompkins writing is amazing. Really.

"I'm dead bitch."
So I get to this party last night, get a cup of the beer and my boy Jon Mac is like "Rick James is dead." Gotdamn! Apparently his lifestyle came back to get him in the form of wearing out his funky heart. I hope it was quick. Rest in Peace Rick.

Yo, I got a plan to help out the homeless peeps in my city. Check out my plan:
First, go buy one of these videos from this magic site. Then, organize a time for a buncha homeless people to meet at the Wheeler Mission and start showing them magic tricks. Once they get these tricks down, then you send them back on the streets to amaze the average Hoosier with their card-tricks and levitation. If some homeless dude runs up on me askin' for change I'll usually give him some coins, but if some dude asked for spare change while levitating then he'd get some bills fo' sho. Then we would have a charming atmosphere downtown with the homeless street magicians impressing all the Japanese tourists that come here. And speaking of that, why do so many Japanese tourists come here to Indy? I don't get it but I love it. And I know they'd love homeless magicians. Plus, wouldn't it be awesome if after a while they terrorized the city with their playing cards? Like they learn how to throw these cards like Ricky Jay and then they start having card battles and piercing each other with playing cards. Damn that's hot!
Best idea I've had today, besides planning on going home and taking a nap.

And hey, speaking of naps, why don't you go take one while I get back to this Hunter S. Thompson book I'm reading. Get off the internet son, you're looking a bit pasty. Next time I'll be back with a more inspired (or insepid) post. Until then, keep your nose clean.

Hey, I love your idea about "training" homeless people to do magic tricks so they can help themselves out better.

What a great idea!
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