Monday, September 27, 2004

Drinking Binges are fun...

That's right, I just sobered up from a two-day drinking binge. The source of my saused-ness was a keg of that High-Life. Now I love that beer but damn does it make me stink the next day. Whoof! I bet before I had my shower I smelled like this kid. But I'm back, zestfully clean and ready to link it up. Here we go:
I know you don't have anything better to do, so read the dirty details of Kobe introducing a white girl to the NBA dick. (Link: thesmokinggun).
Oh and that annoying kid from T2 got busted in Kentucky for public intoxication with a lobster.
That's what I always do at my local Meijer but they know me there so it's all good.
This is kinda neat. I want a Biz Markie stamp.
Want to make $6000? If I could, I would. Anybody know any friendly reporters?
Ever wonder what's up with Mt. Saint Helens? Wonder no more. (link: blah3)
Ted Rall pisses people off. Not me though.
Krugman preps you for Thursday's debate. I'll probably watch just to see Bush stammer through half-assed answers. I'll also be very very baked.
Want the Alchemist's album for free? Send Bol some letters and see if it works.
And finally...
Did you ever see that movie "Scratch" where Mix Master Mike and Q-Bert are talkin' about how they think their scratching is communicating with alien life-forms? Maybe they aren't fucking looney like I thought. Does this mean if I start scratching that the aliens will come down and drop the mothership? God I hope so. I can't wait to see how the aliens get fucked-up. I bet they drink High-Life too. Later ya'll.
oh yeah, Joe...when you comin' to Indy?

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