Friday, September 24, 2004

Go See RJD2

Went to an Rjd2/Diplo show last night and it was great. Diplo was all about putting shit like Lil' Jon over Weezer's "Sweater Song" and other rock stuff which was really very bland. I mean, once you get over the initial 10 seconds of going "is this Weezer over crunk music?" then it's like "okay dude, please stop". Boring. Boring. Boring. There was a screen behind him showing clips of video's like Juvenile's "Ha" and old nintendo games being played. That was more interesting than Diplo. After I dunno, what seemed like an hour RJD2 took to the stage.
He rocks four turtables and two mixers and an MPC and spins records while running back and forth between the tables and his crates, diggin out records and playin' the MPC live. It's quite neat to watch. Plus, he plays a game where the audience can win shit like a loaf of wheat bread or a pumpkin for identifying sound-snippets like "The A-Team" so you can't go wrong. Check your local listings and go see RJD2 if you like that sort of shit. I'm out. Time to smoke.
Back manana with more to say...

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