Wednesday, September 29, 2004


No wonder I never got laid in High-School. Curse my shrill and unappealing voice. Scarred by years of lacking testosterone my voice was unable to cope with the deluge of chemicals coursing through my veins and as a result, eventually formed my squack-of-a-voice that I posess these days. I thought all that dope smokin' and Camel Lights would give me a voice like Tom Waits but here I am sans gravelly-voice. Maybe when I get throat cancer and I get that throat-box thing I'll be able to get those ladies. "mmm-hello laaadies-squack"
Remember that Sampling Ruling I bitched about a while back? Seems that these people have taken the issue to heart. Good for them. I'd try my hand if I had that record to sample.
Danziger gets the heart of the election in a single-panel.
Bush is not doing as well as those polls are telling you. For example, that dude can't even get his hometown to endorse him. Not that this will make any big difference, but really, those polls you keep seeing? They are nothing. Worthless. Vote Nov. 2nd no matter what. Barring any sneaky conspiracy-type shit, Bush is out. Mark my words.
Remember a few months ago when everytime you'd go into a club or something everyone was all like "FLip! Flip! Flip!" to that "Game Over" song? I consider this payment for all those times I had to endure that bullshit. Usually I hate sampling-laws, but I say GO GO PACMAN!
So you've seen "Farenheit 911" and "OutFoxed" but have you seen what Greg Palast went and made? Check the review and then go buy it...I'm sure it's worth it.
In other FUCK YOU BUSH news... also here.
That's it. Work is out. So am I. Back later.

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