Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Half-an-Hour Until I Drink...

I'm trying to wait until 8PM before I start pounding back the 24 oz. High-Life, so I figure an update will kill thirty minutes of sobriety until I can put that sweet alcohol to work on confusing my motor-functions. I might even finish off that bud but I will be drinking alone, so I may need my wits about me. Ah, who am I kidding? When I'm drunk I'm impervious to pain and cruel practical-jokes so I guess it doesn't matter. I know Matt Taibbi agrees.

Picked up the new Masta Ace album "A Long Hot Summer" and was not dissappointed. I even kinda like the skits too, unlike his previous "Disposable Arts" effort. I think that the album as a whole is better than "D.A." mainly because of the beats by a bunch of producers I've never heard of. Good job Ace. It's good to get a new hip-hop/rap album that isn't just half-decent, but really good throughout the whole play. Of course, the rhymes are dope, but the production also compliments the sentiment expressed on each track. I hope that De La Soul album is as good (that album got pushed back to Oct. 5th btw). If so, I'll be a happy individual. One can hope. Buy that Ace album if you see it-it's worth the price. I almost bought that "Foreign Exchange" CD but held back cuz I heard it was kinda R&B-ish and these days, that might mean real good or real rhythm and bullshit. I'll keep my ears open...
Yo, check out the track-listing for the new Handsome Boy Modeling School album.
Thank God for those two, cuz I've been wondering for a minute what Chino Moreno from the Deftones would sound like over a Prince Paul beat. This November I shall know for sure. Make sure you read the article too, as the quotes are hilarious.

Oh, and get thee to the maakies website (found on the right-side near the top) for this week's comic if you've ever wondered what a lion, a crow and a monkey would look like humping a snake . I know I have.

What's the deal with this National Guard stuff and Bush? Greg Palast fills you in.
They should have talked to me before approving this event. I can tell you that Sha Na Na sucks because I've picked up their records thinkin' there might be something to sample. Oh what a fool I was. But hey, I didn't book Sha Na Na thinking people would actually show up. Suckers.
Read the third paragraph of that story and then stop. The rest is unnecessary.
Well, looks like it's time to drink. And I think I just remembered that my roomate had to give a presentation to a Mothers-Against-Drunk-Driving panel today cuz he got popped last May. i bet he'll be ready to drink too. Time to do some high-risk-drinking. I bet I can consume four 24 oz. cans. Wish me luck ya'll.

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