Thursday, September 09, 2004

I'll get this update poppin' with a link to the latest Taibbi column where he basically says everything I've been thinking since the protests before the war. Obviously protests as we know them now do not work because the powers-that-be have had about 50 years to figure out the best way to contain the rabble of protesters. It's time to think of means other than staging protests to affirm our faith in democracy. Democracy is broke mu'fuckahs. Time to re-read Steal This Book, particularly the chapter called "Monkey Warfare" where Abbie Hoffman suggests doing tactics that don't harm but disrupt and inconvenience those targeted. For example, rendering all the locks on Wall St. useless by using some sort of quick-drying epoxy concealed in a syringe won't bring down the system but it will stop the pace, if only for a brief moment. There's better examples but I can't think of them right now. Go review your Hoffman. Taibbi also suggests we get reaquainted with the concepts of strikes. This is true. See, the thing about those protests is that they don't do much but clog the streets and provide 10-second video clips for the major news to dismiss. To really begin change one must get drastic. Our role in capitalism is that of a mere cog, but think of the possiblities if all of the cogs suddenly stop. If we don't start to realize this then the next step in "protests" will be having the government say "you protestors can protest in this muddy field in Kansas if you want your voice to be heard" and then have people actually show up to protest in some area where no one will hear the voices, or care. The "power" of protesting is a thing of the past Drastic times call for drastic measures. I'm just trying to figure out what I can do...
But wait, I thought they had released all the documents that they had...
I'm glad the AP filed a FOIA to get some more insight into the story. I was afraid that this issue would be lost after it seemed to die down a few months ago. I just can't believe that the Kerry campaign hasn't been hammering away at Bush with this sort of shit. I mean, this whole SwiftBoat Veterans for truth is bullshit, but how hard is it to say "Uh, yeah you Republicans are making a big issue about how I behaved when I was in Vietnam, but hey at least I went and then relaized it was a HORRIBLE MISTAKE, unlike you spineless weasels who avoided it through your priveledged connections and still think it was an idealogically-sound war." C'mon Kerry you pussy. Grow a spine!!! (On a side note: I think Kerry sucks but he's not Bush. I will hold my nose as I vote for K this November)
But wait, there's more!
And Is Disobeying a DIRECT order a crime? (spotted at atrios, link on the right side)
This is getting interesting...
"The Taliban are women! They're bitches! If they were real men, they'd stop hiding under their burkas and they'd come out and fight!": Interesting article from Afghanistan, that other disaster we don't really talk about. A good read nonetheless.
My boy Chavez of Venezuela is still at it despite the U.S.'s best efforts to oust him. My favorite South American leader, besides Castro. And yeah yeah yeah, say all you want about Castro, he does have his faults (homophobic, anti-Jehovah's witnesses (is that really so bad?kidding.) questionable political decrees, etc.) you gotta admit that he saved Cuba from becoming the Carribean Las Vegas. Plus, he has the tenacity of a cockroach, so he'll be here even after the nukes scortch the earth talkin' about "CUBA LIBRE!" You know it's true. RRRAHHH!
Ok, enough talk about things I can't do anything about...uh, actually, how about I just change the topic from politics to music:
A Federal Appeals Court Ruling Proves That They Have No-Fucking-Clue.
This argument is ridiculous. Bridgeport Music and Westbound records are whore-mongering vultures who purchase the copyright to old Parliament songs and then sue mu'fuckahs who sample said songs, even if George Clinton approves of sampling. See, something is wrong with the music world when people can buy the rights to music they did not create and then make a profit off of it. YOU PIGFUCKERS!!!!!!!! Check out what Ol' George said back in '92:
"Well, first of all, I suspect that the industry again is trying to do to rap what they tried to do to funk, and that's kill it because it's got to much information, and spreading of information,” Clinton told the Houston Press in 1992. “So what we've done to keep them from all this stupidity, like trying to sue, or saying that I'm suing people, is to put out a record called "Sample Some of Disc and Sample Some of Dat" - just samples from alot of the old songs, because I have some of the demos of those songs, which is not what the record company owns, so I can license those to be sampled. We have a pay schedule that's really easy to deal with - if they sell records, they pay, if they don't they can try again. We got to make sure that rap survives, because it's our only means of communication that gets past the gatekeepers.”
True indeed. So now it seems that all sounds on records are worthy of copyright. How the fuck does this make any sense at all? Capitalism is going to ruin music. Call me MC Marx ya'll. Where would music be today if Mozart copyrighted all the chords he used and then organists/pianists etc. had to pay royalties when they used these chords? We would not have the music we have today if it wasn't for the influence of one generation on another. Sampling is genius, because it is such an innovative idea. It's really not that different from cutting your teeth on Led Zepplin riffs and then writing some song that has the same rockin' feel with arpeggiated chords. I mean, if Creed can exist without Pearl Jam suing them, then what's so wrong with sampling? Human expression is built upon the backs of others thoughts and ideas and this is necessary to move forward. When some kid loops up a snippet of some obscure record no one has listened to in years is that theft or a new realization? I often listen to songs and think "man, it'd sound better if he/she would just go "dahn-duh-duh instead of dahn-duh-dahn." That's what hip-hop production is, making something new with fragments of the past. It's an evolution of music and unfortunatley the old guard has courts to back them up. The Next Step: Free Hip-Hop-sample-based-music. If you don't make a profit then why sue? Let those fuckers have all the royalties of a 0% profit. But then bootleg it and sell it on the street. The black market rules!!!!
Here's some more thoughts on it (spotted at
And what the fuck is up with the picture they put to accompany this story?
Finally, go make a paper air-plane that flaps with no motors or rubber bands. Make office-life interesting for a few minutes. Speaking of which, back to work.

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