Saturday, September 11, 2004

Mobb Deep make me laugh

So I was diggin' through the record stacks last night lookin' for something to put over these drums I found and for some reason I grabbed some 80's compilation record and put it on "She Blinded Me With Science" without thinking. So I'm kinda chuckling to myself when all the sudden the synthesizer kicks in and I'm like "oh shit, Mobb Deep (I guess really the alchemist) sampled "She Blinded me With Science" on that single "Got it Twisted". Ha Haaa Haaaaa. I'm sure all you cool mu'fuckahs realized that the first time you heard it but I didn't listen to bullshit 80's music so I was sleepin' until yesterday. They should have put that dude that sang that song on the track to do some science raps or something though, or at least have him in the video mean muggin' the camera with a labcoat on and some crazy hair. And maybe he could have cured Prodigy's sickle cell...that'd be dope. Now all The Alchemist needs to do is flip some Rick Astley over a hard beat and sell it to like Cam'Ron or some shit. Guaranteed dollaz.

Oh shit! Raindrops keep fallin' on my muthafuckin' head! Bacharach over some Dre drums? Hell yes. I'm interested.
Holy shit, me and 50 cent have something in common! I always tape myself gettin' freaky with some groupie with low-self-esteem but I NEVER take off the bullet-proof vest. Don't try and change me dammit.

De La Soul Shoes? Yep. Still don't beat the ones I did at SneakerPimps. I'd rather have a pair of shoes with the inside artwork of Buhloon Mind State on the side. That'd be fresh(spotted at catchdubs).
Cocaine Blunts is back! He's featuring some Saul Williams and some real rascist raps from Indianapolis(?) Go listen to them loudly on your computer at work. Impress your boss by turning up the volume whenever someone curses or sez nigga or cracka or whatever. They'll love it!
Uhhh, go get some fresh air and get off the computer. That's what I'm gonna do. Out.

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