Thursday, September 16, 2004


Taibbi's follow up to his last column is interesting.
So is his review of Kitty Kelly's new book.
In a way, I do have to admit that I tend to agree with him on the idea of having a begrudging respect for the Bush fam's cold-as-ice history of ruthlessness. It's the same respect I have for my own country because I certainly do fear a government that bombs some country into the stone-age every few years just for a display of power. Sure, I'd like to see some sort of shift in power but do I think that tearing down the system will solve everything? Hell no. As El-P once said "We will fucking kill you" (you see, he was America). I mean we could have some Che Guevara-type in our midst but once that person pokes his head out of the proverbial water he is gettin' shot and the water is getting firebombed. I would imagine that there will be no revolutions in my lifetime. We've got it too good to revolt. I'm sure we could all agree that we pay too much for cable, but we can't start anything off that. So what else? The war? The economy? Who cares? It all gets broken down into idealogical differences that we bicker over instead of compromising. Like abortion right? Who cares if little embryos die? We can't hear them scream. If you don't think abortion is right, then don't get one. Who cares if other people do? Oh shit. I just devestated the abortion argument with one sentence. Jesus, you people need me as the philosopher king Plato always had a hard-on for. I'm a smart mu'fuckah.
And what's more, this brilliant mind needs some rest.
I'll be back in a number of hours to continue my reign.
Continue your drudgery peasants, for I shall sleep on my Nasa-designed gel-bed which is supported by the Elephant Man's bones. Toil on.

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