Saturday, September 04, 2004

We Go Through Changes...

I finally decided to poke around a bit with the html code and see if I could make this blog a little more homey. Links for your pleasure are on the right. I will post more as I learn this shite. I'm gettin there, so for now it's baby steps. To the news:
Looks like Kitty Kelly is about to drop a book called "The Family: The real Story of The Bush Dynasty" ( I won't link it but you can do it yourself). I'm kinda interested in that gossipy sort of way. I won't buy the damn thing, but someone did leave a copy of KK's Nancy Reagan tell-all book in my break-room at work and I always enjoyed flipping through it as I ate my lunch. From what I could tell it looks like KK just tries to find all the embarassing details that people try to hide. I don't know and don't care how this will affect the election but I'm sure there's some pretty interesting reading in there. I'll check it out at the library some day no doubt.
Been a while since I linked to Krugman. Let's fix that.
Shit is crazy in Russia as usual.
Uhmmm, I'm kinda burned out right now, so I'll leave with this.
Update soon. Must study Spanish and sleep. And drink beer. out!

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