Wednesday, October 06, 2004

"Did Somebody Step On a Duck?!?"

He'll get some respect now. Damn shame too. I had a plan to invite Rodney to one of my parties by buying him a plane ticket and a barrel of whiskey. Alas, that letter will never be sent now.
Rest in Peace Mr. D.

AllHipHop got some words for Paris Hilton. Get that beeeatch! Now lets stop speaking of her.

No Taibbi in the nypost this week but I found some columns at Alternet and here.

Lemme take a break right now so I can pause and reflect upon the illegal downloading I have been doing lately thanks to soulseek. Ah Foreign Exchange, O'Shea Jackson (circa 1990), Muggs, Sen-Dog, B-Real, bjork, Hangar 18, non-prophets, brother ali, and MF Doom...thank you for the free music. It is wonderful. By downloading your music I am able to purchase more Miller High-Life and illegal narcatoics to help speed up this dying process. I thank you for your self-less efforts to make my life more inebriated. Your struggle to create art and gain meaningful compensation is noted, but not supported, by me. You have my gratitude.

The earth is about to blow a big symbolic load out there in Washington. Cue the porno-music. Let's hope the magma-stream doesn't get in anyone's eye. Uhhhhhhh

Join me as I take some magic-mushrooms and zone out to the psychedelic sounds of the jew's harp. Then when we come down we'll talk about what really goes on in Bush's earpiece during those public-appearances. I think he listens to Too Short's "Life is..." Yep.

Get thee to the onion posthaste. Laugh. Come back.
Ok, go away...I have nothing else to link to. Nothing to comment either. I'm outta gas.
Time to listen to some bootleg Beatnuts.

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