Tuesday, October 26, 2004


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Club Paris Hilton and make everyone happy.

Reported in rhyme by chiseven
(Ed. note: Steve is chiseven's roommate)

I found the cast off skin of Paris Hilton in my bathtub
asked Steve what's up-he only admitted to a back-rub
yeah right-I know I heard that skank's voice last night
and I caught her sneakin' out the door before the morning light
man you gotta knock this shit off-stop dating models
cuz I'm sick of wakin' up to all these empty Cristal bottles
piled high up in the trash-can but I'm still laughin'
at the evidence found from a night of steady-mackin':
there's cocaine on the coffee-table and a bra upon the lamp-shade
full glasses of champagne and one strange carpet stain.
Then I pick my way thru all the rubble of this Don Juan
and when I'm lookin' for my keys I find a Louis Vuitton
hand-bag which I use as a barf-bag and I'm so glad
to catch my puke in the purse which I was lucky to grab
and to my suprise I saw Paris Hilton's effortless
impression of the spider-walk down my stairs like The Exorcist
I knew I caught her by suprise by the size of her eyes
when she realized that I would not be fooled by her disguise
so she stood up-adjusted her neck and started to curse
when she found my stomach's contents in her thousand-dollar purse
and I know I made it worse when I reacted with laughter
to this rich little bitch's latest fashion disaster
plus I got it all on video with hidden camcorders
Paris Hilton's hex tape-and yes i'm now taking orders

Only $9.99! E-mail me for your copy today!

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