Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Afternoon Review
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Jon Stewart called him a dick on his own show. Blau!
And though I don't have cable, I do have transcripts of this encounter. It's really refreshing to see Stewart come on the show and make some good points about the show ("it's[Crossfire] theater") and then watch Carlson and Begala squirm as they realize that Stewart is being serious and he's not going to just tell some jokes. Stewart roasts 'em. Go read.

And read this piece on GwB's faith-based confidence. Truly frightening (link:
Could it be possible that God speaks through Bush? Somehow I doubt the Supreme Deity would stutter and be as incoherant, but maybe that's just a result of the spirit taking over. Besides, the God GwB talks about doesn't seem like the God I've come to know. The God I know enjoys pastrami sandwitches and listens to Slayer "purely for aesthetic value" and he's big on that whole "love thy neighbor" thing too. He's a funny dude...Bush should meet him.
Also spotted at blah3 is the sneeze. Go read his "Steve don't eat it" section. Funny shite.
And a good break from politics for a moment.
Another good break from politics is the whole "Blogwars" joke that some people are taking at face value and really, way too seriously. First Bol does the whole O-Dub is a known rascist joke and it's funny (that's what that dude does...he is hilarious). And then in both of their comments sections people start taking sides or casually tossing about racial epiteths. Then, others begin to take notice. Take this for example. Kiersten Marek has no idea what she is talking about. I would imagine she visited Bol's "about me" section and took it at face value. If you are going to make a comment on something then you should do your best to be well-informed so that you don't look like Kiersten Marek. No offense lady, but you took things too literally. It's all fake. A joke. Then, over at O-dub's comment section O-Dub and some cat named esco are all up in arms or whatever(well, really, OW is more rational and on the defensive, so he scores points). Whoo! Fighting is contagious! I think I will refrain from all that- as I am an easy target to ridicule. I'll just watch and laugh.

In other news, Jay-Z signed Foxy Brown to his record label with a half-million $ advance. Then, the same day, she goes out and gets a Bentley GT that costs half as much as her advance. I don't get that. Foxy Brown is a shitty rapper (when she writes her own rhymes) so she should be investing money for when those boobs begin to sag and people stop paying attention to her. Who the fuck owns Foxy Brown records anyway? No one I know.

Who still pays attention to KRS-One? Me, I guess. I was wondering how I was going to comprehend KRS's statements here until I read his response. Now I'm not too certain about KRS being a philosopher (though I think he is sincere when he says this...I have read "Ruminations") that people turn to for wisdom, but I do like the fact that he's out there with contrary opinions, to incite and attempt to get people to think differently. I think he has the right approach, but I wonder if he really accomplishes his intentions. On a side note, I read that Krist Novaselic (sp?) from Nirvana was on the same panel as KRS and when KRS said "America needs to commit suicide" he was like "No man, suicide is not the answer."
Maybe I'm an asshole, but I think that is hilarious. You know, considering Nirvana and all.
One more link and I'm out to eat lunch...
Read the first six paragraphs of this article.
To me, this speaks volumes (by inference) on the situation in Iraq.
Excuse the brevity. Must eat.

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