Monday, October 04, 2004

MyStuntedGrowth is For The Children:

We got another one of those "debate" things on Tuesday with the VP-candidates tossing phrases and figures at each other. James Ridgeway of the Village Voice anticipates the event (link: Cursor). Should be pretty interesting since Edwards comes correct occassionally.

On a different note, have you ever wanted someone to explain to you, in writing, why they like to frequent brothels and fornicate with whores? Me too! The Guardian has it! Confess your sins before humanity you whore-mongering-ah, fuck on player.

I bet it sucks to be a farmer in Greece. If all the women left around you just what would you do? I'd make a love-bus just like they did. Espescially if I was Spyros Bilionis and insisted that the men of Greece were "well endowed" and would take this bus to the Ukraine to get some pretty ladies. Those farmers don't know about alchemy and growing their own woman I guess. Or they could make a homonculous to tend to the crops while they peruse the personals. Yep, alchemy.

I almost linked to some other disaster in Iraq but then I figured, why bother? We all know Iraq is fucked right now. I know our govt. isn't doing anything great over there. Ok, that's that.
At least some Indians are gettin' a break. At least for 10 days or so...and I guess it's not really that big of a victory...hmm. At least that picture was kinda funny.

Speaking of funny, I wanted to link to some comics that are a good way to kill time:
Ted Rall-cartoons and blog. Alan Keyes (i think) once wondered if Rall could be arrested for sedition in response to one of his cartoons.Ch-ch-check it.
Tom the Dancing Bug-the most consistent cartoonist doing a weekly strip.
Get your War On-David Rees-oh wait, he's in Rolling already knew.
Peter Kuper-airbrush stencil comics...does Spy vs. Spy pretty well.
Jim Mahfood-thin lines rule. Great links.
Next isn't funny but neat to look at...
David Mack-whoop! Amazing work. Makes me want to stop drawing. Or at least never use watercolors. Damn.
Of course check out the Maakies and Derfcity, links on the right.
Ok, enough cartoons. Let's laugh at real people. Yep. That is strange beyond words...I can't type here. Confused it with a chicken neck? I think I'm gonna go lie down now...

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