Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Only Debate I Watched Begs For My Comments
and I will comply...
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Now I know that I'm just going to be another person who does this but...
The Debate (forgot to note time first...kinda vauge...)
Sometime near the beginning: "I will hunt them down [terrorists] and kill them."-JFK. Personally? Wow. That's quite a promise. I like it.
Later: Bush says he doesn't remember saying he wasn't worried about OBL.
Oh word? (scroll down)
8:17: "...I send my budget man to Congress"-GWB
8:22: Kerry comes back with a pop-culture refrence to "stick it to the man." *yawn*
8:24: Bush goes *Phew* real loud like "Whoo!" He then opens a Coors Light and pours it over his head. This is awesome!
8:28:"Is homosexuality a choice Mr. President"-Bob(the mod)
GwB-"I don't know" JFK-"No." Me-"Nah" Dave-"*silence*" Bol-"No Homo"
8:34: JFK is eloquent on the "it's a sin to vote for Kerry"-quote question. GwB-not so eloquent.
8:40: JFK swats down Bush. pretty funny to watch.
8:43: Bush begins with some response and then just starts stuttering and is like "oh, never mind..." and he just starts on something new...elementary skool style. Nice!
8:55: Dave-"I agree." (to something from JFK) Way to participate D!
9:02: GwB avoids a direct question on RvWade. Kerry notes this.
9:05:Bob says something about a backdoor draft while asking a question. Dave and I laugh.
Backdoor draft. Um...and there were some answers or something.
Ok, 30 minutes later GwB says that his wife "speaks better English" than him and I was like "Fuck! That's pretty funny. He is kinda human. Neither robots, nor puppets can express self-depreciating behavior. Damn! Six months of research lost! Back to the JFK theory!"
The End: And we all have a good laugh and the two cats shake and say some shit before they bring their "debate" to an end.
Who won: I did. I killed another 90 minutes from my life. Time to drink. Oh, uh, no beer.

Well then...links! Get drunk off my links please. Lap them up like the curs you are and...
Excuse me.
Bol over there at (um, what's he call it? Oh yeah..) The Infamous and Lamentable B dot C
starts with this and then continues with this post to which the accused responds and Bol responds until it reaches critical mass (or at least, right now). I am in awe. This is the funniest shit I have read in a minute. Casual racism-it's making a comeback!
I been readin' a lot of different blogs lately...try a few:
Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage-BMG is gonna get him later. They're like a crazy ex-girl. Watch.
Mo Ca$h-he liked Talib's "Beautiful People" I don't hold it against him.
We Eat So Many Shrimp-Ice Cube has an Ak-47 here. Watch out.
Royal Magazine-nice pictures and links and music and and and...
Quarterwit-More than 1/4 wit.
No more blogs for now, but...
This is very gross and it involves Bill O'Reilly. No really. Gross.
And I'm gonna let Castro take this one out. I don't know why either.
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"Viva mystuntedgrowth y Cuba Libre!"

DUDE is that for real Fidel Castro? Homeboy looks like a corpse on marrionette (sp?) strings. wow. viva la something....

also, re: BMG. reading that Hardly Art post made me want to join, but i think that you're right. i have too many ex girlfriends in my face to worry about the stalker mail and demands for more attention from a mailorder music store....
yeah, that's Fidel. he won't die. Him and the cockroaches will be greeting nuclear winter when we're all gone.
Really though, stay away from BMG unless you can use a false name. I know people who have been able to make it work, but it takes a willingness to uh, break the law. I never thought it was worth it for myself but I told my idea to toher people and when they did it it worked.
Thanks for the comment. Now two people read this! Yay!
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