Monday, November 01, 2004

Gone Until November 9th
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My grandmother's friends prepare for a warm welcome

Yep yep, I'm going down to St. Petersburg Florida for a week to take care of my grandmother who is chillin' in a wheelchair these days as a result of kicking the shit out of someone over a shuffle-board dispute. She kicked some punk until she broke a toe or something so now I gotta go and cook her meals, get her 40's and blunts and all that ill shit my grandma does on the reg. But yo, I won't be makin' any updates until at least the 9th of November when I get back so it should be an interesting week of sobriety for me. Hopefully a week of no nicotine and THC will do me some good, but I'm sure if I gets testy my gram will run over my toes with her 'chair or something. I'm planning on doing some diggin' while I'm down there if I can, but I guess that depends on her health and her demands. Either way I'm sure she'll tell me some interesting stories about Ukraine while I'm there. Should be fun. In the meantime, scroll down to my Paris Hilton exclusive report and start linkin' to my shit so more than 3 people read this drivel. Grand Marquis, I expect you to fill the gap while I'm gone. See ya'll in seven days. I'll bring back some borscht too. VOTE MU'FUCKAHS!

chiseven, an entire week?? what about MY needs?? granny needs to get high speed internet up in her retirement center so you can 'blog, kid! i'm saying...
maybe I can sneak away to the library and do some bloggin' before those librarians catch me (they are a fiesty bunch down there in St. Pete). If I can't blog I'll make it up to you when I get back...
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