Thursday, November 11, 2004

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don't scares the shit out of me too.

So I'm back. Florida sucked. Grammy is aiiight. Mission accomplished. Back to real life.

So obviously we got 4 more years of this lunatic (which, c'mon, we all knew anyway right? I didn't really have that much faith in democracy...did you?) and hey, we deserve it I guess. The Democrats should have fought more dirty I think. Kerry was too damn nice. He did take the high-road and he did appeal to the more enlightened members of our nation but he didn't win because Americans like to see people get dirty (remember how you'd always watch those fights on the playground at school just hoping you'd see blood? admit it!). Kerry didn't win because he forgot that you cannot impress idiots with civility. And, sadly, the idiots in this country came out to vote in full this year. We didn't learn our lesson after 9-11 and apparently we want another one. The funny thing is ( I guess if you can laugh about the inevitable death of a few thousand Americans) that those who chose Bush (the red state population) will probably cause a terrorist attack in one of the blue states' cities thus expanding the rift between the coasts and the midwest that much more. I'm not much for prophecy but this much seems inevitable. We shall see.

If you have not accepted the fate of our nation then I suggest that you read a few articles I have enjoyed since I have returned to the internet after my sabbatical:
Kerry won. Here are the facts. Don't get your hopes up though-this is just a sad truth about our electoral process. Bush will still be around in four years unless he actually eats all those pretzels I've been sending him since Nov. 3rd.
Disillusioned with the DLC? Matt Taibbi has some words for you:
"We blame corporate America for this state of affairs because this ideology of individual acquisitiveness is the religion it naturally preaches. But it's our failure to come up with a competing ideology of getting along that's the real problem. Down south, in those "backward" red states, they vote the way they do because they see this individualistic religion as a creature of the cold, greedy, north, which has chosen to attack the idiocy of the right-wing church rather than admit to its own spiritual unhappiness.
Bush is our fault. He's our fault because too many of us found it easier to hate him than find a way to love each other. If we work on the second thing a little harder, we won't need to rely on the cynics in the DLC to come up with the right "formula" the next time around. Because happiness and hope have a way of selling themselves."

I had no idea that Taibbi had the capacity for such optimism. I'm confused.
Read this story about how one sniper is holding back 150 Marines in Fallujah.
Am I evil when I root for snipers? Is that treason? Do I care?
I'll be back with more once I get some more time. Until then...

It's treason, but it's treason against Jesusland, so it's actually cool. Anything we can do to hurt this country is cool at this point.
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