Saturday, November 20, 2004

I Was Pissed Until Now...

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sorry ya'll...scroll to the right quickly...

Man, I was in a pissed off mood until I was chillin' at a bar gettin' drunk and the Indiana Pacers started bustin' motherfuckahs in the D-Town. I feel great now.

Now understand, I don't give a fuck about sports 364 days during the year, but when I see the Indiana Pacers beating down fans in Detroit I gotta say that we are the gulliest sports team in N.B.A. history. Artest had been too much of a good-guy until now...finally he has an excuse to behave like a crazy idiot again. This rules! I know he'll be fined and I could really care less but at least my Pacers beat the shit out of everyone in Detroit who tried to start somethin'. The best part of this is little scenario is when I assume that the Indiana Pacers actually think that their behavior actually reflects Indianapolis, or for that matter, Indiana in general. I mean, what the fuck is this "my Pacers" shit? I can't claim ownership! Either way, here are some links to some guys in an Indiana jersy kickin' ass:
The first weak article written.
And then there is this...
On a different note, the image above is from one of my sketchbooks...nothing special, but I figured I'd start posting art just for the hell of it. I'm drunk by this point...
*Chiseven stumbles away...*

I know this is off topic but #11. Speechless( album title: Betty) from Helmet is my favorite song of this moment:
"I'd blame someone but I've got you/like every day that bores me/sleep fine at night/I wake up to my early speech this morning..."
*starts rockin'*
[Sorry, I'm just feelin' some rock right now...]
[guitar solo]
{Ok, but here's the part that rules:
I interpreted the last chorus as:}
*same chorus again*
"It works that time I just go read/ it makes the time improving/ shes got so well and I;ve got to the vent that bores mee"
When it was really:
" It works like crime, adjust your view
Waste your time improving
She's cut so well and lifelike too
You'll bleed to death before me"

I must be a big dumbass to EVER confuse those insightful lyrics...
look at that comment up there.
That is why I shouldn't drink and blog.
Who the fuck cares about that shit?
I apologize for my drunkenness.
-el boracho
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