Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ghostwriter? Co-Writer? Why Split Hairs?

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For a little money you can be my co-author...

Well, bol forced my hand on this one. I was going to wait, but hey fuck it, let's get it over with.
That's right ya'll, Kanye didn't write "Jesus Walks" but this dude did. Here's the proof:

"He’s also frustrated at seeing some of the songs from Raw Dawg[his first album] get airplay only when West released it on his own album. He uses the Rhymefest/West collaboration “Jesus Walks,” as an example.
“I was going around this town performing ‘Jesus Walks’ two years ago,” he says. “I even gave it to a radio station. You think they played it? No. But when it came out on an international scale, then they go back and play it. But when I had it and was giving it to people, it was just another local guy with a song that sounds halfway good.”
Still not convinced? Try this article. Go ahead, I'll wait.
See, now notice that in both articles that the song is referred to as a collaboration. If, this song is such a collaboration then why would Rhymefest (yes, it is a ridiculous rap name) be pushing the song two years before Kanye co-writes it with him? The answer of course is money. Now I can't prove this, but hey, I'm anonymous and I call out people for real, regardless of responsibility or whatever, so I'm gonna do it anyway. See, I think that Kanye saw his buddy with this dope song and he was like "yo, if you put this song you already wrote on my album I'll give you some loot and give you co-writing credit." 'Fest of course, would be like, "Well fuck yeah, ain't no producers or rappers here in Indy signed to the Roc. Gimmie that loot." Which y'know, I can't blame him for selling an old song that probably wouldn't be heard otherwise.
But still, I'm sure if I cough up enough scratch for some Mc's verse then I too can be called a co-writer. Say what you will, but in my book, Rhymefest ghostwrote those rhymes for money and an opportunity to get some shine in the music business.
And you may say so what? There's plenty of ghostwriting in rap/hip-hop, and it's not always a bad thing. I agree. Ghostwriting is never a bad thing for the author, but it doesn't add credibility to the one who spits rhymes like they are his own. See, I would keep this under my hat and not comment on it if Kanye West just wasn't such a douche. For him to pay people for rhymes/concepts/etc. is no big deal, but for him to act like he is the next G.O.A.T. of the rap game (which he does regularly) is unexcusable. Poor Kanye has fallen victim to his own hype-men. Sure he can sample a catchy record and use the same break over and over again but his music is nothing classic. If you don't believe me then seal up your Kanye record and don't play it for 5 years. Listen to it then and I guarantee it won't be as awesome as you thought it was.
By then, you'll be gettin' down to some other sound and Kanye will sound trite.

So either way, watch the Grammies and see if Kanye shouts out Rhymefest or brings him on stage if he wins an award for "best songwriter" if he does not acknowledge his "collaboration" then I'm going to upload that video I have of Kanye peeing on my little sister and continue to berate Kanye until his mother rushes to his defense in my comments section.
Mystery solved. Kanye=needs a ghostwriter to get a Grammy.

Most people knew that Kanye West didn't write "Jesus Walks." This is not a real mystery to anyone who follows music closely. But as far as Rhymefest, he did recieved co-writing credit, which means that the publishing checks are looking kinda fat right now. He is also named in the Grammy songwriting credits as well. Which means, that if "Jesus Walks" wins a Grammy, he will recieve a golden gramaphone as well. That's no bullshit. And Rhymefest doesn't have to go the Grammy awards to get it either. 'Fest might get invited to the event, and 'Fest doesn't have to attend.

A lot of songs in rap are ghostwritten and an artist is not obligated to thank the ghostwriter in any capacity. Some of your favorite rap songs are ghostwritten and the ghostwriter has never been acknowledge.

For example, Sauce Money wrote P. Diddy's biggest song to date "I'll Be Missing You." Sauce has publicly said he wrote the song and admits that he doesn't mind not getting recognized for his contribution. Just as long as the publishing checks hit the mailbox, he's straight.

So you might as well upload that video of "Kanye peeing on your little sister" because Kanye is not going to acknowledge that Rhymefest co-wrote the song. Because, in the end, Kanye doesn't have to. Yeah, that sounds fucked up, but that's the nature of the business. Let's face it, Kanye bought the song and he can do whatever he wants to the song.

Is Kanye a genius for performing "Jesus Walks"? Hell no. Personally, I think it's a great spiritual rap song and Kanye should get props for at least recording the tune.

In the end, it's all about the money. Like Kanye says on the banger, "Two Words" -- "Fuck you, Pay Me."

Good job on culling on this information together. Great detective work. But this doesn't make Kanye look like an asshole because he didn't write "Jesus Walks." This is not a "Milli Vinilli situation" here.

of course I know about ghostwriting...I ackowledged that in the post. Where would Skillz be without ghostwriting? Dr. Dre? Shit, I know about ghostwriting, but that's not the issue.
The issue is, Kanye West deserves to be taken down a notch because he puts himself out there like he's a genius of the rap game.
Besides,my point is that someone who brags about how good they are as often as he does shouldn't need a co-writer (glorified ghostwriter) IF as good as he claims to be. I just want to take him down a notch. If he wouldn't talk so much shit I wouldn't even care about him honestly. Thanks for the comment though.
Bol, what are your thoughts here?
>Besides,my point is that someone who brags about how good they are as often as he does shouldn't need a co-writer (glorified ghostwriter)

My thoughts in a nutshell.
Chiseven: I'm Dave Lindquist, writer of The Indianapolis Star piece about Rhymefest's Grammy nominations. Could you contact me at
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