Monday, December 13, 2004

Monday's Tin-Foil Hat Edition

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join me as I wallow in conspiracy...

Gary Webb, author of the expose "Dark Alliance..." was found dead this weekend of an apparent suicide. The article I just linked to claims that most of his investigative reporting was proven to be incorrect, which is, of course, bullshit. Now I'm no investigative reporter, but I have read that book and the evidence is damning (especially in the case of Oliver North, who certainly did his part to get the crack-explosion of the 1980's kickin'). Despite what the C.I.A. has said since the allegations (such as investigating themselves and finding no evidence to back up Webb's claims) I cannot doubt the accuracy of Webb's reporting. From what I remember of the book (which I read about 2 years ago) the evidence suggests that possibly George Bush Sr. knew about the crack-C.I.A. connection which is where this story draws most of their paranoia. Now I can't really say much more about the book except that you should all read it. You should all read this article which highlights some of the main assertions in the book and the impact it had when the original stories were published in the San Jose Mercury News. Either way, I find it hard to believe that Gary Webb committed suicide. I'll be checking the news these next few days for the "Gary Webb was really depressed just before they found him dead" stories that will inevitably pop up but I suspect that they won't even appear because the last time Webb made any sort of impact in American consciousness was back in 1996. Therefore, down the memory-hole.

We continue the adventures in conspiracy land with this from Greg Palast:
GREG PALAST: "I came here tonight to warn you that there are cooks and cranks and crazies out there on the internet who think that John Kerry won. Now, I know because one of those articles on the internet called “John Kerry Won,” on ... I wrote it. "
Palast gives us interesting figures such as this on how the government continues to disenfranchise black voters:
"the U.S Civil Rights Commission found that found if you are a Black person in America, the chance of your vote being tossed in the garbage -- you cast your vote and it's thrown away -- is 800% higher than if you are a white voter, okay?"
Scary stuff. Especially coming from the reporter who pretty much proved that the 2000 Election was corrupt in Florida. I dunno, maybe I'm too much of a "sore-loser" or "conspiracy nut" but I don't think it's that far of a stretch to believe that the people in power within the U.S. might turn to illegal methods in order to maintain control of power. Power corrupts right?

Dear readers, this is when I turn the rest of the conversation over to you. My comments section allows anonymous comments, so I wonder if any of you would like to contribute your 2 cents to my little conspiracy corner. See, I figure that the main reason that people would label people like me who think that possibly, there is some truth to the C.I.A. crack-connection and there's also enough evidence to suggest that the last two elections were tainted, is because most people believe that America(as a government and all that entails) cannot make mistakes. That is, America always fights for what's right and is therefore, good. I suspect our education and the media help foster this belief throughout our lives in order to make things run smoothly. Anyway, my question to ya'll is this:
Should I abandon my cynicism and skepticism towards the powers-that-be and join the RNC knowing that I'm just another opportunistic parasite hoping to benefit from their exploit of the common man? I mean, I'm pretty sure our government is corrupt beyond belief, but should I sit here and criticize it and do my best to try and reform it, or should I just join the evil-pigfuckers and attempt to get my slice of the pie? Drop me a line.
And if you aren't feeling that question, bol has a question for you to answer as well.
Now hopefully we can get some news that will lead to funny posts in the next few days. Oh, and my Kanye-West hating continues off-line as well. See, I'm trying to figure out how to prove that "Jesus Walks" was ghostwritten by an Indianapolis mc (originally from Chi-town) because every weekend when I'm at a party with people that know him (the ghostwriter) someone always mentions that he wrote "Jesus Walks" back in the 90's and then sold it to Kanye. Now the only reason I actually belive this shit is because this ghostwriter must be telling everyone he wrote it. I've had at least 6 conversations where (without me bring this ghostwriting issue up) someone mentions the ghostwriting shit. My next step is to find xxx and ask him point-blank. Then I will have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kanye West is a douchebag. Shouldn't be too hard. Aiiight, see you all at the docks near dusk...

We need to run with this Kanye ghostwriting story, especially in light of the 19 Grammy nominations or whatever it was. Do some reporting. You could be my Indianapolis Bureau Chief.

The thing that sucks is, i used to have the email addresses to about half the people in his whole family until Netscape all of a sudden cut my shit off. Still, I think I've got enough contacts that I could fucking work this story.

Hit me on the Gmail.
Chi-seven contemplates leaving the game to enter the matrix? Can this be?

I have given this sentiment of yours a little thought, and only can come up with stringy conclusions and recommendations as to your future in the world.

The problem is that you are suggesting that you drop your "off the Grid" windblown drifter with a chip on his shoulder bit, and whole heartedly embrace the demons that torture you so. Why would you do such a thing? the answer is because the opposition is just too strong, too incredibly powerful to be corrected. What can chi-seven do in the shadow of such a behemoth? Quit your lifelong crusade and join them that's what.

I would for the time being enter into a deep stoned trance and visualize a world in which these dark forces were absent. You know, the after the war, sun rising over a new day--the flag of Chi-seven flapping in the smoke and rubble backlit by the funeral pyres of your enemies. Now fast foward to 50 years from that moment when eventhough you never asked for the job you are inevitably running the world, which is a complicated and nebulous task. Would you still be pure of heart and steadfast to your initial principles like king arthur or are you drunk on power and the literal as well as the proverbial highlife? Is there a Darth Vader in you?

You need to decide if humanity can actually function without bastards at the helm. History has very few examples of true benevolent despots, your buddy Jesus aside. If you in your heart of hearts can see this shining beacon of a humaity working like muskateers "All for one and one for all!" then you should not only continue your assault on the system but re-double your efforts. The clock is ticking, massiahs only come every-so-often.

If you don't percieve the blinging light of destiny whilst in this mediatation. I suggest a tentative embrace of the way things are. You don't have to be a republican for chrissakes, but you should work on your "eehh" or "whadda-ya-gonna-do" shoulder shrug. This tool once fully realized is a powerful method of purging what the Germans and Teenagers call "angst". A life of conscientious objection free of cancerous angst is not a bad one.

Above all continue your regimen of drug and alcohol abuse no mater what road your future takes. A sober leader leading the sober masses simply cannot be.
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