Wednesday, December 01, 2004

"So What Have You Been Doing This Last Week?"

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And I do leave a wounded soldier behind occasionally...

Besides cookin' a turkey last Thursday to celebrate Bluntsgiving (and all that implies) I have done nothing but drink beer and kick it with comrades. This lavish lifestyle finally caught up with me on Tuesday where I spent the day in bed with a smashing hangover. There is no message or moral to be learned from this as I feel it was certainly worth it. I know that the alcohol is a fierce mistress and at times, she can gain the upper hand. But, as the rear-windows of pickup trucks across Indiana say: "I fear no beer." I will tame her again. Onward...

I think I stumbled on to Mr. Babylon's blog thru the B Dot C and found it to be much better than this public school teachers blog in Chicago. Somebody teaching in the Bronx is more interesting than my blog. Go read it.

Also, through Mista's site I found the amazing Tard-Blog. There is nothing wrong with laughing at it either.

While at boingboing I stumbled across these two articles( one and two) that put the kibosh on my own plans to liberate the giant inflatable Spongebob Squarepants from my local Burger King. I really don't have the slightest idea what anyone would do with one of those if they stole it though. Plus that Spongebob cat looks pretty goofy. Better not tell M.O.P. I said that tho.(link stolen from royalmagazine ).

Looks like I can thank Bol and Ian over at NFADK (too long to spell right now) for the increase in traffic due to my disdain for Kanye West and my love for the keyboard drummer. If either of you are in Indianapolis (and I type this because I know it'll never happen) I'll buy you some better beer than I drink.

Bad news for Grand Marquis. Wait for it. BOOM! HA HAAAAAA! FUGAZI! I've taken FUGAZI to the html now! It's 7.0 in this mug (inside joke...sorry to everyone else). WHAT?!?

And finally, I really wish I could somehow see some of those giant lumberjacks and huge cowboys (or even a Big Jack or two..) battling it out like that one Halloween episode on The Simpsons. I think that would be the coolest shit ever. If anyone knows of any links or movies then please let me know. I'm gonna slow down on the beer consumption so hopefully that will mean more posts. We shall see.

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