Friday, February 27, 2004

Another blog huh?
Well, yes, this world needs another blog and in fact, it needs my blog in a bad way.
What have you people done without my scathing wit and brilliant insights? Not much no doubt.
So welcome to My Stunted Growth, random thoughts, observations and opinions from some 24 year old white kid in Indianapolis Indiana. Who am I? This is none of your concern as I value my anonymous status in the world today. You can call me chiseven though, which is a name from my teenage years past.
Give me some time and I will reveal more info...
Anyway, I 've been wanting to make a blog for about a year now but for various reasons have not. Today I finally figured that I would and's too easy. So, in short, here I am muthafuckahs.
In the future I hope to become a beacon for reason, a brilliant, shining, luminescent example of clear thought and expert opinions in matters of anything.
Or at least a quick diversion as you wait for your mp3's to download.
Either way, it's time to become another destination, a fancy billboard along the information superhighway or at least something to read at work when you should really be working. It can be all this and more, but all in time my friends, all in time. Thanks for reading. Now go out and play while I figure out how to document my stunted growth. See you auntie.

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