Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bloggers Are Outraged!!!

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"Oh look, that man has a monkey on a chain that smokes and drinks! I better blog my outrage and tell everyone to complain because my delicate moral sensibilities have been violated!"

So for those of you who don't regularly peruse the links on the right, let me summarize an interesting phenomenon that has occured in the realm of blogs concerning a radio station in NYC, an "offensive" song about the Tsunami, and the psuedo-outrage that has successfully resulted in suspensions, apologies, a half-assed rap "dis" song and a lame-ass boycott where people ask companies to quit advertising on the offending station. I won't bother typing up a summary, but I will point you towards a few links that will get you up to speed:
Start here, scroll down and start reading from the bottom up.
Then, go here and I dunno, get outraged or something.
Take a deep breath and then read Wang's outrage.
Now yawn.

That's it. That's really about as much attention as the "scandal" demands but alot of people are outraged...that's right, OUTRAGED at how racist and offensive the song is. I mean, sure the song is unfunny and pretty mean, but really, who gives a fuck?
After all of this complaining and boycotting and contacting advertisers and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah there are still going to be racists and people that say offensive things, so what's the big deal? What is any of this outrage going to produce? Is your blog going to change the world? Fuck no. You can't change the world if I can't get Kanye's Grammy nominations revoked, so why try? Jin ain't gonna suddenly be a good rapper because he so boldly and assertivley wrote a "dis" rhyme aimed at a radio station (even though the actual content of said "dis" record is really boring and tame as far as "disses" go). All this angry typing ain't gonna do a thing but give you a false sense of accomplishment. Sheeeeiiit...

"But wait, they did successfully get some advertisers to quit advertising on the radio station!"

Well, sure right now when the heat is on Hot 97 , any corporration that knows a thing or two about PR is going to pull their advertising publicly and then return to advertising there privately. This gives you well-meaning bloggers the illusion of accomplishment and I hope you all enjoy it because it's fucking hollow. How dare you think you can stop the elaborate mechanisms of capitalism over an "offensive" remark with a letter writing campaign? You think McDonalds is going to stop advertising to a huge market because the radio station mocks Tsunami victims and Asians? HELL NO! Once this little controversy dies down McDonalds will be back to telling these hip-hop kids how much they should love shrinking their arteries with Big Mac's and French Fries. *Ba ba ba ba ba ba you're dumb as shit*

Here's the deal ya'll:
You don't like that offensive Tsunami shit? Don't listen to the radio station. Ignore them.
I don't even live near NYC and I can tell that this is just a blatant attempt to "out-controversy" (yeah, I coined a new word, WHAT?) Star & Buc when they return to the NYC radio market. That's why I don't give a fuck. Why play yourself as a champion of the downtrodden and the oppressed when you are really just a running-dog for a corporate entity?
Remember: Any publicity is good publicity and controversy sells. Don't deny it.

Also, bol is right when he brings up this point:
"what they're trying to do is no better than the people on the religious right who call and bitch to the FCC everytime they hear anything even slightly offensive on TV or the radio."
No doubt. I know all the blogs I've read this on tend to be pretty liberal so it's really pretty funny to see them behaving like the people they write entries about.
Also, I don't know about you but I'm a pretty tired of "liberals" being so goddamn serious about everything. Take that sense of outrage out of your ass and laugh unapologetically at racism.
Don't front like you didn't laugh your ass off while watching "Blazing Saddles". Don't front like you never laughed at some punchline in an emcee battle where one emcee made a crack on another emcees race/color or creed. I've got racist friends but I don't boycott them because I disagree with their opinions. Stop trying to act like you are the zenith of morality and ethics or you are no better than those religious conservatives that you seem so eager to mock.
Here's something funny to laugh at:
One of my black friends says that white people smell like "bologna."
I think that's hilarious. I wonder if we do?

check your blog history. How did Trent Lott get taken down? How about Dan Rather lose all credibilty and retire? (Search either one of their names in Google add "blogs" to it to find out).

I was afraid that this effort would just promote Hot 97, but I was wrong. Real stuff is happening, real money is being withdrawn from the station, real people are losing their jobs, and the real INTERNATIONAL press (400 newspapers if you look in Google news) are now carrying this story. Not to menton the politicians and community activists who are now involved.

And all this from a blog entry a pity week ago. As Jay said "never doubt that your voice can't be heard"
Nobody's doubting that their voice can be heard. Protesting against an anchor who lies on the evening news is entirely different than protesting a radio show because you found it "offensive."

It's like Tom Morello once said: There's only two sides to the censorship debate. You're either for it or against it.
"How did Trent Lott get taken down?"

Well, first off, he still has his job. Yeah, ita not as high up, but he's still hanging in there. Second off, theres a large difference. Hot97 wants PUBLICITY. Trent Lott doesnt want publicity. People arent going to vote for him more. But Hot97? Its in whatever many international newspapers, blogs, etc. - FOR FREE. Everytime someone talks about this, it's free advertising. It's shifting attention from Star & buc from coming to a rival station. what happened to that "big story"? no one cares about star & buc or power 105 because everyone's too busy talking about miss jones and hot97.
didnt you hear that apathy isn't in anymore? don't be like that, dude. this is grmiey shit.
Last time I checked it was not illegal to make racist comments. Sure it's ignorant but it's not illegal.
Racism is funny. What's even funnier is watching people get upset over it. If you are not racist then congratulations, you can see that there is no basis for superiority over another human based upon skin color. But I get a really satisfying chuckle out of racism because it's such an ignorant idea that it is absurd that anyone would really subscribe to the philosophy.
Why get upset about something that you know has no basis in reality?
I'm not apathetic but I do think the outrage is hollow. Feel free to disagree with me, as I am no sage...
Chiseven, feel free to drop my link if I've lost your interest. No hard feelings.
well, I must admit that I typed that before you did your Mc/quarterback post. That was a good post.
You haven't lost me yet, but for a while you were...
I need to update my links anyway.
Maybe tomorrow I'll come up with something better.
And I harbor no ill will towards you either since you don't link to me. It's all gravy.
Just out of curiosity, what was it that sucked about what I was doing? Sorry about the linking...problem solved.
Right. Because if anyone made a parody song concentrating on 9/11 that mentioned people jumping out of the towers when the planes crashed (similarly to the mention of people's heads being bashed in, in the tsunami song), NO ONE would have a problem with it. We would all look the other way. Why get outraged? Lyrics mocking thousands dying doesn't mean anything. It's just a song. Right. Just like when Bill Mahr made that comment about the troops on his show, and ended up with a cancellation weeks later.

Yeah blogging is pretty uselss.. except for the fact that it helps release people's emotions. Just like any other song... there's a reason why people write, and I'm sure it's not JUST a get-rich-quick scheme. Everyone has their right to be outraged and upset and offended, and if they want to write it out in their blogs, let them. And I see the irony in the fact that YOU chose to pin YOUR outrage on the outrage out here already.. by blogging yourself. Genius!

When your relatives and/or family friends drown to death, or lose their intestines, or have to go from brick homes to sleeping on hard floors in unorganized refugee camps and be forced to eat inedible food, then come back to me and say the same thing.
I'm not outraged, so your irony theory is incorrect.
Bloggers can blog about whatever they want to and I'm free to mock their big deal.
I just think that protesting a parody song is dangerously close to condoning censorship so obviously myself and those who protested disagree. That's fine.
I appreciate your comment but I think your reaction to my post is a bit misguided and perhaps clouded by rage towards those who made the Tsunami song. You have equated my condemnation of a movement as a condemnation of Tsunami victims or an indirect endorsement of racism which is not correct.
If you really don't understand what I'm saying by reading the post and my comments then I think we'll have to agree to disagree...and that's okay.
Nothing about your blog sucks. I just don't really share the same passion for the artists you often post about. It's just a matter of personal taste, and nothing due to any deficiency on your part.
I do like Big L though...
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