Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson Went Out Like A Champ

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See one of the finest eulogies that will be penned for the legend by Ralph Steadman.
Those familiar with the Doctor's work may be familiar with his last wish (explained here).
And to those who think he went out like a chump, let the words of his son (who found his father after the shooting) reverberate in your craw until you understand that the man went out on his own terms and ended his life as he lived most of it, that is, in control of his own destiny.
(BTW, I do plan on posting more often but I've had a hectic personal life since I last posted so expect more stuff soon. I just wanted to pay tribute to the most interesting writer I have ever read and acknowledge that his manic drug-fueled tales inspired some of the most enjoyable times I've experienced on hallucinogins, legal or not. Thanks Hunter, Rest in Peace.)

I'm Sad he's gone but he died like he lived, explosively. Watched Where the Buffalo Roam last night in honor of this great man. Me thinks more of Bill Murray than ever before. I even forgave him for garfield. Get at me Brotha!
has anyone seen "coffee and cigarettes"? bill murray + gza + rza = the shit
I have seen "coffee and cigarettes", and that particular vinette was by far the only one worth watching. As you can tell I have poo-pooed the remainder of that film, but always have love for a whacked out Billy boy.
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