Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Anthony Kedis Was A Crackhead

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Book Review: Scar Tissue by Anthony Kedis
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"Now I shoot up ozone!"

A few days ago I was at the library lookin' for a new book to read since my last foray into fiction produced a stinker (O'Brien's "Going After Cacciato") so I figured I'd go with some "guilty-pleasure" reading that I could breeze through real quick-like. I saw this book and figured that since I vaugley remembered hearing about Kedis being a heorin addict that It'd be a pretty entertaining read. Now by all the accounts that I've seen on say VH1's "Behind the Music" or whatever it was always implied that Kedis was just a former heroin addict but John Frusciante was the really fucked up one (you saw that video right?). But maaaan, Kedis wasn't a former heroin addict-he was a full blown addict and a goddamn crack-head when he wasn't on-stage.

(DISCLAIMER:Usually I'm not one for celebrity gossip, but since rap music is turning into Pro-Wrestling this week I figured I could do this book review since I don't post more often.)

There's also neat stories about Kedis's dad smoking his first joint with his son and loaning Anthony his girlfriend so he could lose his virginity and all other sorts of crazy stories about his drugged-out childhood. Besides the tantalizing crack-head confessions throughout the book, the best feature of the book is the development of the Chili Peppers through the years. The chapter on the making of "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" is really insightful and the story seems to be gaining momentum at this point.

Anyway, blah blah blah and all that shit because really, I like the RHCP so I figured this book would be fun to read. It was. If you want to buy it you can do so here but I bet you could find it in your local library and read it for free. I'd recommend that you read it for free because if Anthony Kedis makes any money on this book he just might relapse and blow all the profits on cocaine and other drugs like he does numerously throughout the book. If he does this then that makes us all enablers for his filthy habit, and that's just not cool.

I figured I'd leave ya'll with a few patented (and forbidden/illegal quotes) Kedis Crack-Head Confessionals:
"I remember one poignant night moment when I still had the house in the hills. I was driving down Beechwood at night getting high in my car. I came to a stop sign, and this car full of twenty-year old boys pulled up next to me. They looked over at me and said, "Hey Anthony!"...I was trying to ignore them , but I sneaked a glance at their car. One of them stared at me and said, "Hey, it's not him," and they drove off. That couldn't be him, because Anthony didn't look like a fucking ghost."
"As soon as you hit the pipe, boom, there's that familiar instantaneous release of seratonin in the brain, a feeling that's almost too good. You instantly start short-circuiting in your brain, because to get all that seratonin at once is so crazy and so intense that you're liable to stand up and take off all your clothes and go walking into the nieghbors house because you feel that good. And on one occasion I almost did that."

and finally (cuz I'm tired of transcribing this):
"One time I was smoking coke in the car and was way too high to drive safely, and I had a bunch of paraphernalia and drugs right under the seat. I must have been driving erradically, because a cop pulled me over. I got the window halfway down, and this young, vicious-looking LAPD cop shone his flashlight on me and said, 'Oh, Mr. Kedis! My bad! I'm sorry, sir, excuse me for the interruption, but I really have to tell you that this is a pretty dangerous area, so you might want to exercise caution around here. You have a good night now.'"

What a lucky crack-head.
On a Side Note:
Anyone know where I can host some mp3's for free so I can share some music with ya'll?

>Anyone know where I can host some mp3's for free so I can share some music with ya'll?

I wish...
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that yousendit only works for 1 week or 25 d/l, which ever comes first.

do geocities instead.
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