Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I'll Tell You What I'd Do With A Bunch Of Money If I Had It

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You dumb bastard. Asimo can't eat cake.

So, I don't sit around and fantasize about what I'd do if I was rich most of the time but I was reading the various tributes to B.I.G. found thru those links to the right and I started thinking about how much money is made off of dead rappers. As I explored this thought with the aid of a tall 16oz. Champagne I began to think of the debates concerning B.I.G.'s G.O.A.T. status and I finally concluded that I have no interest in debating if he was the greatest rapper of all time or whatever. However, I would like to debate whether or not Biggie would have owned an Asimo if he was alive today. I'd like to think that this alternate-reality Biggie I speak of would have an Asimo (that robot up there).
One thing is certain, and that is that lots of people get rich at this rap game but not many of them ever really buy anything interesting. I mean sure, they buy alot of cars and jewelry and stuff that's real expensive and there's also cats like Questlove that take their money and buy a bunch of old records or whatever but you never hear of anybody doing any crazy eccentric shit like buying the Elephant Man's bones or Buying an Asimo to Roll Blunts. I think that's one of the reasons that hip hop/rap news/discussions bore me so much. Any time I go to one of these shitty hip hop/rap news pages it's all about some boring pro-wrestling drama. It's kind of wierd to say but I want to read some crazy shit like Cam'Ron talking about working with scientists to make a new color (except I'd rather it be anybody but Cam...). So that said, I was thinking about what I'd do if I was filthy rich with rap money and I came to the conclusion that it would be dope to have an Asimo.
I'm pretty sure that this robot can run and climb stairs and recognize people and all sorts of other ill shit so I'd venture it's pretty possible that these things could carry rappers weed and possibly roll blunts as well. Best of all, it can't rap so there's no need to let it rap on your tracks like those other weed carriers/crew members. I think somebody should let Ghostface Killah know that huge golden eagles that perch on your wrist are cool but robots that carry your weed and can run are cooler. Plus, it'd be pretty dope to see your favorite rapper pop out of some SUV with a few Asimo robots in tow instead of a bunch of random dudes nobody recognizes. In concert, the robot could dance and hold extra mic's while the rapper performs. Plus, if he falls off the stage like Trouble T-Roy it'll be no big deal cuz robots can't die. So with all that said, I'd like to open up the comments section with a question for the two people that read this blog:
Do You Think Biggie Would Have An Asimo If He Were Alive Today?
I think he would but I don't have any specific reason to claim this. Thoughts?

Also, as a reward for those who actually read this post, I have decided to post up a track from that new Beck album that's not out yet. I don't know the name, but who cares right?
It's yours for free until next week so download that shit.

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