Saturday, March 12, 2005


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Sorry for the big picture but I needed detail...

Sometime last summer I participated in this Sneaker Pimps show when it dropped through Indy last year by painting some shoes. I met one of the Australian dudes that run the shit and they hooked me up with some Air Force Ones (i think) to paint the night before the opening. I didn't really have much time to paint 'em up cuz I was busy with some job shit but I was able to come up with a little sumptin' sumptin' for the event. So I had a great time that night, drank Budweisers for free (Hell, I posted about it here), painted another shoe and then sent them on their way to tour the world.

Now like six months later I find that one of my shoes has popped up in a Finish Line catalouge.
That's it in the top right corner.
My friends shoes' also popped up near the bottom (the ones that say graffiti).
So that's cool.
Actually, my shoe is even sharing space with 50 cent and Jay-Z who are pictured on the previous page so now my shoe has been co-opted into some marketing appeal to the "urban" market.
So that sucks.
But oh well, it is nice to see my shoe again since I didn't get a picture of it the first time.

I want to know if this catalouge I got is just regional (going to Indianapolis only) or if it ships across the country. Who wants to stop by a Finish Line to pick up a catalouge so I can know how famous my shoe is? I'll even hook that person up with some music or some beer or whatever for the effort, so if you don't live in Indiana, stop by your local Finish Line so you can give me my sweet information. The comments are open. Go!

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